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Multiple Units


units that are integral multiples of systemic and subsidiary units of physical quantities. In the International

Table 1. Multiple units
101 ..........deca-дda
102 ..........hecto-h
103 ..........kilo-kk
106 ..........mega-MM
109 ..........giga-ΓG
1012 ..........tera-тT

System of Units, multiple units are formed according to the decimal principle, which relates the multiple units to the basic units. They are named using prefixes with the name of the basic unit (see Table 1).

Examples: 1 decaliter (da l) = 10 l, 1 kilometer (km) = 103 m, 1 megahertz (MHz) = 106 Hz.

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These are the multiple units with the vehicle numbers 95 80 0622 201-1 D-ERIXX to 95 80 0622 228-4 D-ERIXX, which are currently being used by erixx GmbH, Uelzen, in part 2 of the diesel network Niedersachsen Ost.
Multiple-unit and multiple-brand franchising offer successful operators both economies of scale and the possibility of spreading risk over multiple units or brands.
If a system does not have a reasonable mix of single unit and multiple franchisees this may give prospective new multiple unit operators reason to pause.
The existing multiple unit control system will have to be adapted to new requirements.
Running of ladies special Electrical Multiple Units (EMU)/ Mainline Electrical Multiple Units (MEMU) / Multi Modal Transport System (MMTS) services on the suburban sections of Mumbai, Kolkata, Secunderabad and Chennai as well as on the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) sections.
It also talks about making the trains more punctual and replacing conventional passenger trains with Mainline Electric Multiple Units (MEMUs) and Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMUs).
The DOTC, in a published notice, said the contract covered the refurbishment of diesel multiple units, with an approved budget of P378.9 million, as well as for the diesel electric locomotives, with an approved budget of P150 million.
An agreement on the procurement of four new three-car diesel passenger multiple units and two new three-car electric passenger multiple units was signed Tuesday by the Macedonian government and China's CSR Corporation Ltd.
Since the idea of owning multiple units is considered new by the consumers, the multiple acquisition can be viewed as an innovation; therefore, multiple-unit adoptions can be viewed as a diffusion process that corresponds with the Bass diffusion model.
As exciting as the prospect of this is, nothing affects profitability across multiple units more than making the right assessment of skills, abilities, structure and business plans, including financial capabilities.
Franchisee will work with the stylist mgr and oversee multiple units. This opportunity could provide you with an exit strategy to leave corp.
Typically integrated into a system, the sortation system can be used as a single unit or multiple units. When multiple units are integrated, routine maintenance can be performed on one system without interrupting the workflow.

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