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Drying of a part of the body into a hard mass.
Dry gangrene.



the drying of a corpse or dead parts of a living organism. Natural mummification occurs because moisture escapes from dead tissue or a corpse in the absence of conditions that favor the decomposition of tissues. (Such conditions include high temperature and loose soil, which facilitate the evaporation of moisture and movement of warm air.) Artificial mummification is achieved by saturating a corpse with special embalming substances. There are also cases of criminal and ritual mummification, generally of the head. In mummification, the corpse or any of its parts retains its shape while losing up to 75 percent of its weight.

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In 2005, study coauthor Mike Parker Pearson of University College London led a team that reported the discovery of skeletal evidence that lacked bacterial damage, suggestive of Bronze Age mummification at a Scottish site.
Others might do this by emphasising Smith's work on brain and mummification, evolutionary research and teaching reforms, or praise his personality, or argue that he was over-influenced by Perry and the enthusiasm of popular readers, or that somehow he missed out on information coming from current archaeological research.
The damage could have been caused during the mummification process or by the brittleness of the bones or through some careless handling.
Alan's cadaver is being kept at the Sheffield Medico-Legal Centre where it will be used for the study of the decomposition, and the mummification process.
The art of mummification was complicated and ritualistic.
Visit the British Museum's Web site on mummification to find out more about how bodies were mummified, explore a mummy and its coffin, and compete more activities at: www.
also will trace the evolution of mummification techniques from the primitive, early stages to the ornate methods used to prepare royalty for the afterlife, as exemplified by the more famous mummies found in the Valley of the Kings.
Coroners occasionally face extreme challenges when attempting to perform autopsies on corpses that arrive in less than perfect condition: charring, decomposition, and mummification can make it impossible to conduct an autopsy.
This latest in Gerritsen's series involving Maura Isles and Jane Rizzoli is an exceptional read; filled with historical information regarding mummification and forensics, enmeshed within a thrilling mystery.
Egypt's Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni announced that after weeks of restoration work, pieces of wood found inside a jar discovered in KV63 have proven to be the remains of a mummification bed.
According to the Religion News Service, Pamela Harris, a lawyer for Summum, a 33-year-old spiritual group known for its unusual practice of mummification, said the exclusion of its tenets by officials in Pleasant Grove City, Utah, is unfair and unconstitutional.
This brilliant Discovery DVD reveals the mysterious mummification rituals that lay uncovered for thousands of years PLUS the factfile will give you even more fun and information that kids will love.