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see Hannoversch-MündenHannoversch-Münden
or Münden
, town (1994 pop. 26,283), Lower Saxony, central Germany, where the Fulda and Werra rivers flow together to form the Weser River. Its manufactures include machine tools, chemicals, and lead, aluminum, and rubber goods.
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, Germany.
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Mund took over the title from last year's winner, Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields.
USA], Sep 11 ( ANI ): Miss North Dakota Cara Mund becomes the first from her state to take the Miss America crown.
At a time when bankruptcy filings are rampant and emotions can be ragged for debtors and creditors alike, Mund aims to keep order by treading the lines between humor and frivolity, patience and leniency, decisiveness and brusqueness.
CIPFA director Julian Mund said: "This survey illustrates clearly the major role libraries still play in the cultural life of our towns and cities.
Contributers to this article include Ben Mund, Marketing Manager, Mastercam, ben.
At first glance, there's little to distinguish Mund from all the other little mountainside villages of Switzerland, which are all very rustic and picturesque, characterised by their old wooden houses, dark brown with age--tiny retreats, where one can still escape the rigours of the world, and meditate upon the vastness and beauty of the Rhone Valley below.
The Bush administration's policies are allowing health-threatening toxic chemicals into our air and putting our families and communities at risk," said Sierra Club Washington representative Nat Mund.
However, market research company MUND Americas-which has done extensive research into remittances- has a different theory.
Mund is a doctoral student in chemistry who find that cultivating a supportive and relaxed atmosphere in his labs evokes his students' best, reports Simon Fraser University News.
In his early work Oehlen took on various unlikely guises, as could be seen in the Skarstedt show of self-portraits made between 1983 and 1985 (with one example from 2001, Selbstportrait mit offenem Mund [self-portrait with open mouth], in which Oehlen bears an uncanny resemblance to Kippenberger).
Segun la empresa estadunidense de investigacion Mund y Alianza Civica, organizacion no gubernamental, alrededor de 2.
Two Euro campaigns have earned Gazza a sackful of stick and red cards against Borussia Dort- mund and Ajax.