Municipal Lands

Municipal Lands


all the land located within the city limits. In the USSR the legal regulation of municipal lands is established by the Basic Principles of Land Legislation of the USSR and the Union Republics of 1968 and by legislation of the Union republics (for example, in the RSFSR, the Statute on Land Management in the Cities of 1925). The statutes concerning the legal regulation of municipal lands extend to lands occupied by all populated areas included in the category of urban-type settlements by the legislation of the Union republics—that is, workers’ settlements, country house areas, and health resorts.

Municipal lands include (I) lands occupied by city structures—residential, administrative, industrial, and other buildings and structures or municipal lands intended for construction of such buildings under the annual use plans; (2) lands for general use, including streets, squares, and quays. which are intended for intracity movement or recreational and other cultural or personal needs; (3) agricultural lands and other arable lands used for agricultural production and other urban economic needs; (4) lands occupied by the city’s forests; and (5) lands used for rail, water, air, or pipeline transportation or for mining.

Municipal lands are administered by city soviets of working people’s deputies and are subject to the land-use legislation of state, public, and cooperative organizations (including residential and country house construction cooperatives).

Municipal lands are used on the basis of designs for the planning and construction of cities (urban master plans), annual construction plans, and plans for urban land-use organization.


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When TransCanada approached the city, they gave us a lot of information about what they were proposing to do," Paul MacLatchy, director of environment and sustainable initiatives for Kingston, said, "Initially, we did have some concerns because some pipeline was going to move through some municipal lands, such as Shannon's Corners Park.
Rental of all municipal lands brings nearly 300 million som ($4.
He specified that the Agriculture Ministry was working on steps to facilitate access of livestock breeders to pastures located on state-owned and municipal lands and an ordinance allowing livestock breeders to tag their cattle instead of paying veterinarians for the procedure.
The investigators also found that two patwaris were involved in the illegal selling of municipal lands.
The officials did not give out the names of the others who illegally occupied the municipal lands.
The investigators detected that 1,900 acres of municipal land were illegally sold out to private people.
We are looking for ways to best utilise municipal lands and it is a waste to have this land, which overlooks the King Faisal Highway, being used as a car park," he said.
The municipality then went forward with a plan to demolish the portion of the zoo that resided on municipal lands.
For instance, according to surveys of municipal lands undertaken with our project's help in five cities, the difference between actual holdings of municipal land and official Gosregister data is in the range of 7-24% of the city territory (for further discussion see Table 1 in section 3).
Kyrgyzstan transferred property to local governments, but municipal land management had remained poor owing to a proliferation of responsible agencies, lack of rule of law, corruption, and passiveness on the part of local governments.
Improved municipal land management is thus at the intersection between efforts to (i) improve regulations and practice to foster effective property/land management and (ii) decentralize public management to obtain the interrelated benefits of increased participation of citizens in governance and more effective, responsive, and accountable local government.
Therefore the realities of improving municipal land management in Kyrgyzstan are likely relevant to other transitional countries, particularly in the former Soviet Union.

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