Municipal Road

Municipal Road


a motor-vehicle road that passes through a city’s territory and is an integral element of the city’s network of roads and streets; also, a road that connects a city with functionally related areas.

As opposed to streets, a municipal road passes through areas generally free of man-made structures. In accordance with the classification system adopted in the USSR for streets and roads in populated areas, these roads are called either highways or local access roads. Highways are direct links between urban areas, large industrial regions outside cities, and motor vehicle roads that constitute the national networks. Local access roads are intended to connect industrial enterprises and warehouses with main streets and roads. Special roads for freight transport are being planned that will bypass residential areas, hospitals, schools, sports complexes, and so on. In addition, so-called park roads are being built to provide access to recreational areas.

Highways within built-up areas must be located at least 50 meters from residences and separated from them by broad belts of greenery. In many cases it may be advantageous to build highways below ground level for convenience and safety and to help minimize the effects of noise and dust generated by motor vehicles moving at high speeds. In remote areas highways are being planned that will pass through tunnels and along causeways and embankments. Municipal highways intersect streets, railroads, and pedestrian crossings at different elevations. Municipal road speed limits are 120 km per hr for highways, 80 km per hr for local access roads, and 60 km per hr for local roads.


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Cruz Municipal Road from Pila Provincial Road to and including the whole town of Sta.
40, Municipal road, Melody Chowk, Shuhada Chowk, Abpara Police Station, Poly Clinic, Luqman Hakeem road and will end at G-6 Imam Bargah.
This fall, the city will apply for a second phase of funding with a bundled road package worth more than $80 million for reconstruction projects on Maley Drive ($36 million), Municipal Road 35-Kingsway-Notre Dame, ($32 million) and South Bay Road, an extension of Regent Street ($10 million).
Contract awarded for The service of mowing grass once, cutting branches entering the road gauge and collecting dirt and branches lying along municipal roads in the green belt depending on the needs existing in the field, taking into account visibility for drivers on road arches with an area of 42 800 m2, and cutting and grubbing up shrubs entering in the gauge of the municipal road with an area of 400 m2
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Contract notice: Provision of services related to winter maintenance and cleaning of municipal road network on the territory of rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district
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