Muntz Metal

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Muntz metal

[′məns ‚med·əl]
A 60/40 type of brass composed of 58-61% copper, up to 1% lead, and remainder zinc. Also known as malleable brass; yellow metal.

Muntz Metal


a copper-zinc alloy with an additive of lead. Invented by the English metal manufacturer G. Muntz in 1832. It has very good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance coupled with good workability. In the USSR, LS59–1, leaded brass, which contains 57–60 percent Cu and 0.8–1.9 percent Pb (remainder Zn), is called Muntz metal. It is manufactured in bars, strips, bands, wire, and pipes for the preparation of massproduced components in various branches of machine building and instrument-making.

Muntz metal, malleable brass, (Brit.) yellow metal

A copper-zinc metal alloy having 60% copper and 40% zinc; used in castings and in extruded, rolled, and stamped products.