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a feudal overlord, the owner of an iqta in Near Eastern countries during the Middle Ages.

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Hyderabad: At an exhibition of magnificent pieces of Arabic Calligraphy of internationally renowned Indian calligrapher Muqtar Ahmad and his students, the works of two young girls from Kerala and Bengaluru have become cynosure of all eyes.
Owaisi also pointed out that the Minister for Minority Affairs, Muqtar Abbas Naqvi, had wrongly claimed that the percentage of minorities in government jobs had increased.
Police officer Muqtar Mumin said a car exploded in front of the gate of the building of Sharif Hassan Shekh Aden, president of the South West Somalia Federal State.
Mohammed Muqtar, 25, was found guilty of murdering Shashpal Singh Bahra, 46, following a five-day trial at Birmingham Crown Court.
Mohammed Muqtar, 25, spent the evening drinking and dancing at a club after murdering Shaspal Bahara in an attack "of rare savagery" in Birmingham city centre.
Somali-born Ciise Muqtar Mohammed came to Tyneside seeking sanctuary but was locked up after targeting the girl in Wallsend, North Tyneside.
It went in the left side of his head and out the other side, taking brain matter with it," Doctor Abdul Kather Muqtar explained.
The twelve winners; M.Santhosh from Vijaywada, N.Nani from Vishakapatnam, G.Krishna from Rajahmundry, Trimurthy Chandrashekar from Anantpur, Yesuru Adinarayana from Nellore, Nageshwara Rao from Guntur, Muqtar Khan from Nizamabad, Golla Puli Shekar from Tirupati, D Murali Krishna from Kurnool, Palli Shivaji from Kakinada, P Raju from Warangal, Yalaman Cherwarao from Khammam, respectively came to Hyderabad to receive the honour from superstar Nitin.
"The buildings let us grow crops during the colder months, by protecting them from the weather," says Abdullah Halif al Khalim, a muqtar (a leading village official) in the Wajihiya district.
On July 5, a senior Islamist official from the jihadist group Al Shabaab, Sheikh Muqtar Robow Abu Mansuur, during a mass rally in northeast Mogadishu, said, "We tell the Muslim youths and Mujahideens (Islamist fighters) wherever they are in the Muslim world to attack, explode and burn the embassies of Burundi and Uganda in the world." The massacre happened on July 11.
In an audio tape posted on website of Islamist group of Al Shabaab, the Emir of the Islamist movement, Sheikh Muqtar Abdelrahman Abu Zubeyr, reiterated the movement's accusation of the African Union (AU) peacekeeping forces in Mogadishu of committing "massacres" against the people in Mogadishu.