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a river in SE central Europe, rising in central Romania in the Carpathian Mountains and flowing west to the Tisza River at Szeged, Hungary. Length: 885 km (550 miles)
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a district in central Rumania. Area, 6,600 sq km. Population, 602,100 (1972). The capital is Tîgu-Mures,. The district’s industry produces 3.4 percent of Rumania’s gross industrial output: Mure§ is the country’s leading producer of electric power, glass, and nitrogen fertilizers. Natural gas and mineral building materials are extracted. The food-processing industry (meat, dairy, sugar) accounts for 19 percent of the district’s gross industrial output; the chemical industry (fertilizers, carbide), for 14 percent; machine building, for 13 percent; the lumber and woodworking industry,for 9 percent; the textile and clothing industries, for 8 percent; the glass and earthenware industry, for 3.2 percent; and the leather footwear industry, for 2.5 percent. The principal industrial centers are Tîrgu-Mures,, Tîrnăveni, and Sighişoara. The district accounts for 2.5 percent of the total Rumanian agricultural output (1970); wheat, corn, barley, oats, sugar beets, potatoes, clover, and vegetables are raised. In 1971, Mures,, had 188,000 head of cattle, 168,000 pigs, and 330,000 sheep.




(also Mureşul; in Hungarian, Maros), a river in Rumania with its lower reaches in Hungary; a left-bank tributary of the Tisza River in the Danube Basin. It is 883 km long and drains an area of about 30,000 sq km. It rises on the western slopes of the eastern Carpathians and for the most part flows through mountain areas. In its lower course the Mureş flows through the Hungarian (Danube) Plain. It is fed by various sources and reaches its high water in the spring. The river is navigable for small craft from the mouth to the city of Alba Iulia. The cities of Tîrgu Mureş and Arad lie on the Rumanian section of the river, and the city of Szeged, Hungary, is situated near the mouth.

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