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(mo͞o`rĕsho͞ol), Hung. Maros (mŏ`rôsh), river, c.470 mi (760 km) long, rising in the Carpathian Mts., N central Romania. It flows generally west, past Deva and Arad, into S Hungary, where it joins the Tisza River at Szeged. It is navigable for small craft below Deva.
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The festival will begin on Friday at Apothikes 79, after the opening of the exhibition, with a ceremony and a performance by the Muresul ensemble.
Saturday will have the dancers parading once more in the streets alongside Saint Lazaros church and Ermou Squares from 11.30am, and then again at 8.30pm at Athinon Avenue up to the Seafront stage where the Muresul ensemble will perform once more along with other dance groups.