moringa oleifera

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Called the "Tree of Life", very popular food, medicinal and garden tree in developing countries worldwide, sold in their local markets. All parts are used. Slender tree with drooping branches, grows to 10m (30ft) thin seed pods that look like drumsticks. One of the fastest growing trees- reaching 9 feet within 10 months of planting seed! has deep roots to survive dry seasons and bring up lots of nutrients from deep in the ground. Loves sun, does not tolerate frost. Roots taste like horseradish. Leaves used for soup, tea, salads, stews, stir-fries. Immature seedpods, called "drumsticks" are edible, as are the leaves, roots, flowers, mature seeds and oil from seeds. All parts including bark used medicinally. Sap makes blue color dye. Leaves are most nutritious part, very high in vitamin C, beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium and one of the highest sources of protein of any leaf. 3 times more iron than spinach. Leaves can be used like spinach- raw, cooked, soup, or dried and powdered. Seeds can be eaten like peas or roasted like nuts. Seed oils very high in beneficial behenic acid. Roots used like horseradish. Used to increase energy and expel parasites. Used medicinally for diabetes (controls glucose levels), Epstein-Barr, antibacterial, anti-parasite, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, increase breast milk, better sleep, depression, anxiety, liver, kidney, stomach inflammation, thyroid, cancer, colon inflammation anemia, high blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, migraine, detoxification, skin beautification and ani-aging, chronic fatigue, stabilize chemicals that balance thoughts and emotions, faster recover from workouts. Used to disinfect questionable water from bacteria. Also effective against salmonella, staph, enterobacter, dysentery. No reported side effects.
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Mr Muguti remembers with nostalgia how in 2010, a section of Akorino sect members visited the shrine and offered a sacrifice under a Muringa tree only for them to hear loud thunder at night when a huge fire broke out from the tree stem.ATTACKED BY ANTSAn elderly woman, Wangui Maina, recalled that in 2016, a schoolgirl who was in the company of her colleagues visited the site wearing a pair of trousers and was warned against entering the shrine.
Miriti is a beneficiary of the Muringa Banana irrigation project, which was started four years ago by the National Irrigation Board and draws water from Maara and Mutonga rivers.
Another example of Western businesses trying to exploit African resources comes from Uganda where many rural communities cultivate muringa, a perennial tree that, like neem, has many healing properties.
Wairangu said the Muringa banana irrigation project in Tharaka Nithi county, Maara subcounty, has three phases.
class="MsoNormalSpeaking at St Stephen Church at Muringa village in Kiharu during the funeral service for Washington Kamaku, the father to Kasarani legislator Mercy Gakuya, said he was humbled by the experience.
Tenders are invited for fd-side protection works to muringa thodu in thiruvambadi panchayath kozhikode district
The easily cultivated muringa herb, although originally an ayurvedic medicinal plant brought to East Africa by immigrants from the Indian sub-continent, has been used by Africans for the past century as an extremely effective food supplement and tonic--as well as a useful means to alleviate the symptoms of malaria.
The chopper had landed at Gaitheri primary school to attend the burial of Kasarani MP Mercy Gakuya at the nearby Muringa village.
44/08/11/2017, that since he remained adamant, the three people abandoned him at Muringa Road.