Murray Bay

Murray Bay,

Canada: see La MalbaieLa Malbaie
or Murray Bay,
village (1991 pop. 3,968), S central Que., Canada, at the confluence of the Malbaie (or Murray) River with the St. Lawrence. It is a well-known resort in dairy-farming country.
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From six aircraft-deployed field camps (Cape Garry, Hazard Inlet, Murray Bay, Abernethy Bay, Cape Chapman, and Crown Prince Frederik Island (henceforth CPFI); Fig.
5 985 [+ or -] 15 Murray Bay GSC-2720 Mya truncata 185 9630 [+ or -] 130 GSC-6141 Hiatella arctica 150 9680 [+ or -] 90 GSC-6120 Mya truncata 144 9710 [+ or -] 100 42184 Balaena mysticetus 101 9105 [+ or -] 25 42185 Balaena mysticetus 56 8080 [+ or -] 25 43982 Balaena mysticetus 34.
Apart from archaeological dates, the Murray Bay curve for the last 8000 years is based primarily on a mix of bowhead and driftwood dates, the only curve with an abundance of dates on both these materials.
The best-dated segment of this RSL curve places it slightly higher than the contemporaneous part of the Murray Bay curve.
We recorded 482 Paleoeskimo dwelling features distributed as follows: 25 at Cape Garry, 58 at Hazard Inlet, 82 at Murray Bay, 107 at Abernethy Bay, 109 at Cape Chapman, and 101 on CPFI.
For example, we found that, with the exception of three Late Dorset "winter" houses at Murray Bay, all features recorded are certainly those that represent temporary occupations and thus relatively high mobility.
Lawrence around Murray Bay, now officially known as 'Malbaie.
Dube, Philippe, Charlevoix: Two Centuries at Murray Bay.
Lawrence at glorious Murray Bay or in wild rose county, a society's recreations tell us much about its values.
To turn from 'Useful Pleasures' to the opulent pages of Philippe Dube's Charlevoix: Two Centuries at Murray Bay is to marvel at an Eastern elite and its pleasures in scenic Charlevoix County on Quebec's North Shore.
The latter's birthday party on September 12 traditionally marked the end of the Murray Bay social season in its heyday.
Dube chose to concentrate on the tourist: "I took this stranger as my target and observed him as the principal actor in an activity, tourism, which had long been part of the life of Murray Bay.