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(1) A type of bagpipe with a folding bellows, two melody-producing pipes, and auxiliary pipes for retuning the instrument. The musette was popular in France during the 17th and 18th centuries.

(2) An oboe with a windbag and eight or nine holes (seven or eight in front and one in back).

(3) An old French folk dance in 2/4, 6/4, or 6/8 time, with a fast tempo. The musette was performed to the accompaniment of an instrument of the same name. In the 18th century, the dance was included in court operatic and balletic works called divertissements. The dance in encountered in the works of Handel, Mozart, Glazunov, and other composers.

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The trio chose to introduce the musette bag first because it was a simple, lightweight, unisex item made of parafin-treated cotton - a "romantic material" that got wiped out by Gore-Tex, Larson said.
TONIGHT the Saville Exchange in North Shields has the Django-style swing of the Marseillesbased collective Nany Swing Musette
He delighted the audience with Three Preludes and Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin and played works by Myers, including Gavotte and Musette.
The other FAWL officers include Amy Furness of Miami, president-elect; Rebecca Harrison Steele of Hillsborough County, treasurer; Jacqueline Buyze of Collier County, development director; Patti Morgan of Marion County, secretary; Robin Rosenberg of Hillsborough County, legislative director; Mary Musette Stewart of Orange County, membership director; Tasha Dickinson of Palm Beach County, public relations director; and C.
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musette d'Allemaigne, cornet d'Allemaigne, l'eschaquir d'Engletre, chevrecte d'Esclavonnie, cythara teutonica and cythara anglica, rabe morisco, guitarra morisca and guitarra latina, guitarra sarracenica, cor sarrazinios, cornet sarrazinoas, but also the ala bohemica or fleuthe de Behaingne.
For example, Bruce Haynes speaks of hautbois de Poitou without defining it, yet in the next article, by Marc Ecochard, we learn that it was the independently-played chanter of the bagpipe-like musette de Poitou.
As her actual kids pretended to celebrate their fake mom's birthday, Musette Caing leafed through a beauty magazine and laughed that this sort of thing would not fly back in Michigan.
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The painting includes Watteau's self portrait as a musette player at the right, and at the left his friend Vleughels strutting before a beautiful female dancer.
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