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(1) A type of bagpipe with a folding bellows, two melody-producing pipes, and auxiliary pipes for retuning the instrument. The musette was popular in France during the 17th and 18th centuries.

(2) An oboe with a windbag and eight or nine holes (seven or eight in front and one in back).

(3) An old French folk dance in 2/4, 6/4, or 6/8 time, with a fast tempo. The musette was performed to the accompaniment of an instrument of the same name. In the 18th century, the dance was included in court operatic and balletic works called divertissements. The dance in encountered in the works of Handel, Mozart, Glazunov, and other composers.

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Tres peu le font mais quand ils le realisent, c'est pour transferer de tres grosses sommes d'argent destinees aux investissements [beaucoup plus grand que], indique Musette, notant que des ateliers sur cette question ont deja eu lieu en Tunisie, au Maroc et prochainement a Alger.
A male figure in Fetes venitiennes plays a musette.
C'est a partir de ce moment que disparaissent les pseudonymes de Colombine et Musette, trop associes au scandale des funerailles, et qu'Eva rejoint le nouveau journal radical Le Pays, ou elle publie pendant douze ans plus de 790 chroniques sous les noms de Paul S.
The trio chose to introduce the musette bag first because it was a simple, lightweight, unisex item made of parafin-treated cotton - a "romantic material" that got wiped out by Gore-Tex, Larson said.
Philippe Musette, Head of Debt Markets for Europe at NYSE Euronext, added: "Our aim is to provide clients with the widest possible range of services adapted to their needs, using a single entry point and leading-edge technology.
Bal folk, musette and gypsy swing music performances will recreate the atmosphere of 19th century Paris.
Pues bien, como nadie ignora, el relato cuenta las desventuras y alegrias de tres amigos bohemios, pronto acompanados por sus musas: el poeta Rodolphe y Mimi, el pintor Marcel y Musette, el musico Schaunard y Phemie; al trio se une el filosofo Gustave Colline, experto en calambures e impenitente lector de toda suerte de libros atesorados en los bolsillos de su gaban, por su elocuencia "el Ciceron del grupo" (Murger, Escenas XI, 203).
He was also an active member of the Kerak Shrine in Reno, and was particularly fond of playing the musette with his fellow Arabians for children in the Shriners' hospitals.
At around 6pm on a Sunday afternoon in May 1937 an attractive young woman with newly coiffed blond hair, wearing a finely tailored green suit, white hat and gloves, left a bal musette, or dancehall, in a working-class suburb of Paris near the Charente River and the Bois de Vincennes.
On apprend alors tout sur la Lorette, caricature de la grisette, son alter ego en somme, mais aussi sur la mythique Lisette a connotations politiques et morales, ou sur la "nouvelle grisette" de Musset, l'ange chantant republicain des pauvres, la Mimi Pinson, qui devient elle-meme caricaturee en Mademoiselle Musette.
14-15, the company will perform Mclntyre's fun and flirty Second Before the Ground, along with a folk-based work called From FarAway by Mauricio Wainrot, and Musette (inspired by French court dancing) by Lubovitch.
My dad would outfit me with a possibles bag--a World War II surplus musette bag--and powder horns, pin up the corners of an old felt hat for my tri-corner and hold up the end of a rifle that was substantially longer than I was tall.