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a research and cultural and educational institution; a repository of artifacts of natural history and of material and intellectual culture. It comprises, besides exhibits, architectural or historical monuments located on a preserve.

Museum-preserves may be concerned with art history, for examples the Zagorsk Museum-Preserve of History and Art; the history of architecture, for example, the Novgorod Museum-Preserve of the History of Architecture; cultural history, for example, the Kiev-Pecherskaia Preserve of Cultural History; and military history, for example, the Borodino Military-History Museum-Preserve. Museum-preserves may also be concerned with more than one subject, for example, the Vladimir-Suzdal’ Museum-Preserve of the History of Art and Architecture.


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It was organised by the State Museum-Preserve Tauric Chersonese and the Nobiliary Assembly of the Crimea using private funds.
The opening ceremony was attended by representative of the Department for Cultural Affairs and Sport of Bukhara region Ulmas Rashidov, Director of the Bukhara State Architectural and Art Museum-Preserve Abdurashit Zikrillayev, Advisor for Culture and Cooperation of the French Embassy Olivier Guillaume, Director of the Islamic Art Department at Louvre Yannick Lintz and French archaeologists.
The Czars exhibit features more than 250 royal artifacts from the Moscow Kremlin State Museum-Preserve of History and Culture.

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