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What does it mean when you dream about mushrooms?

Grown totally in the dark, mushrooms can denote a very challenging situation or relationship, especially if the mushrooms are poisonous. If seen growing wild in the forest’s moist earth, then the dreamer’s creative ideas may be the solution to the potentially dangerous situation the dreamer is concerned about.

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The fairies sit round on mushrooms, and at first they are very well-behaved and always cough off the table, and so on, but after a bit they are not so well-behaved and stick their fingers into the butter, which is got from the roots of old trees, and the really horrid ones crawl over the table- cloth chasing sugar or other delicacies with their tongues.
They examined the mushroom, which was of a size and solidity unknown on the mainland; they tried to pull it up, and it came away at once in their hands, for it had no root.
It was the custom of the boys to stop it with a mushroom when enemies were in the neighbourhood.
The pirates listened grimly, and then replaced the mushroom.
She stretched herself up on tiptoe, and peeped over the edge of the mushroom, and her eyes immediately met those of a large caterpillar, that was sitting on the top with its arms folded, quietly smoking a long hookah, and taking not the smallest notice of her or of anything else.
Situated on a 4,000-square meter lot, the center has a laboratory room where strains of cultured mushrooms are being produced and stored.
10 January 2018 - Mushroom suppliers South Mill Mushrooms of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and Champ's Mushrooms of British Columbia, Canada have combined their respective businesses, the companies said.
From wide, smooth mushrooms the size of a dinner plate to fuzzy, white caps smaller than a dime, 400 species of mushrooms were the star attraction at Sunday's 38th annual Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival.
HEALTHIER: Protein-rich mushrooms can replace meat to satiate appetite for longer times.
We all know that mushrooms can have powerful effects on our bodies.
The mushrooms are also extensively used for managing the uncomfortable effects associated with chemotherapy.
Mushroom Hunting Tour was arranged on the first day in Ghora Gali, Murree, in which participants were trained about how to hunt and identify edible and non-edible mushrooms by Akhlaq Khan Kakar, working as Mushrooms Specialist for 25 years.