Musical Instrument Digital Interface

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musical instrument digital interface

[‚myü·zi·kəl ¦in·strə·mənt ‚dij·ə·dəl ′in·tər‚fās]
(computer science)
The digital standard for connecting computers, musical instruments, and synthesizers.
A compression format for encoding music. Abbreviated MIDI.
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Musical Instrument Digital Interface

(music, hardware, protocol, file format)
(MIDI /mi'-dee/, /mee'-dee/) A hardware specification and protocol used to communicate note and effect information between synthesisers, computers, music keyboards, controllers, and other electronic music devices. It is basically a high-speed serial connection with separate connections for MIDI in, MIDI out and MIDI through (to allow devices to be chained).

The basic unit of information is a "note on/off" event which includes a note number (pitch) and key velocity (loudness). There are many other message types for events such as pitch bend, patch changes and synthesizer-specific events for loading new patches etc.

There is a file format for expressing MIDI data which is like a dump of data sent over a MIDI port.

The MIME type "audio/midi" isn't actually registered so it should probably be "audio/x-midi".

Filename extension: .mid or .midi

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It includes a full-size MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) keyboard and cable, Midisoft Studio 4.0 and Midisoft Play Piano 2.0, and a connect-and-play video cassette designed to show how easy it is to set up the system and commence playing piano on a PC.
In addition to enabling an approximate doubling of voice capacity in CDMA2000 1X networks, the MSM5105 chipset integrates QCT Wireless Internet Launchpad suite of applications, including Compact Media Extension (CMX) Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)-based multimedia services, Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM) interface, streaming video, file transmission, and Web browsing.
Brooktree said its WaveStream software offers high performance PC sound technology without requiring expensive sound hardware, and without losing the ability to play General Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI-compatible games and software in DOS.
The Musical Instrument Digital Interface, popularly known as MIDI, had been in existence for several years before his talk, but it has been much more recently that readily available periodicals, such as Electronic Musician, and books, such as the one under review, have enabled libraries to provide support for persons interested in music technology in ways that were not possible in the mid- 1980s.
The easy answer is because of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface. The MIDI is essentially a networking protocol that allows musical instruments, synthesizers, recorders and computers to communicate.
Combining the high packet data capability with a rich set of applications -- including gpsOne position location support, Qtunes Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG-1) Layer-3 (MP3) player software, Compact Media Extension (CMX) Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)-based multimedia software and Java -- the MSM5100 solution will drive the rollout of many new and differentiated devices to support the rapid growth of exciting new 3G services from operators worldwide.