Musical Tone

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Tone, Musical


a tone with a basic pitch ranging from C three octaves below middle C to the C or D of the fifth octave (from 16 to 4,000–4,500 cycles per sec). Its loudness may not exceed the pain threshhold.

Musical tones are quite varied in duration and timbre. They are organized into a musical system: each octave usually has only 12 tones, each a semitone apart. The dynamic markings constitute the scale of loudness (pianissimo, piano, mezzopiano, mezzoforte, forte, fortissimo) that does not have absolute meaning. In the most widespread system of rhythmic duration, sounds are in a 1:2 relationship (quarter notes being half as long as half notes and half notes half as long as whole notes). The timbre of a sound is determined primarily by its overtones and the method that produces the sound (voice or instrument). In music many timbres and combinations of timbres are employed.


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References in classic literature ?
The Bellman perceived that their spirits were low, And repeated in musical tone Some jokes he had kept for a season of woe-- But the crew would do nothing but groan.
On Thursday the musical tone will turn to neo-impressionist flutes, homemade dulcimers and earthen electronics and the work of Isnaj Dui, and Friday sees a live set on BassComputer, presented by Kasper T Toeplitz.
When someone presses a key, the hammer strikes the string or strings, and the strings vibrate, making a musical tone.
The surprise set a fun, musical tone for the day, which saw Joelle walk down the aisle to the theme of Jupiter, from Gustav Holst: The Planets Suite, played by a brass section.
To set a musical tone, I played an instrumental CD while the students worked.
For it is the distancing, the slight displacement in time or space, that gives Joglar's artwork that intensification that in a musical tone is known as resonance.
Some directorial flourishes, such as a frozen-moment photo flash at the end of several scenes and an ominous musical tone at scene changes, aren't necessary.
Amanda Roocroft's Tatyana set the musical tone for a thoroughly accomplished cast.
The aeolian or ''furin'' hanging bells that produce a sighing sound or musical tone when moved by the wind are used in Japanese homes to soothe the soul during the stifling heat of summer.
Husserl was bogged down in the curious nineteenth-century project of trying to discover what human consciousness is by stripping it to the simplest, purest perception of a stream, a flow of external time, usually in the contemplation of a musical tone.
Our music practice helps us develop sensitivity--sensitivity for musical tone, shaping of the line, color, texture balance.