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[Arab.,=one who surrenders (himself to God), an agent form of the verb of which Islam is a verbal noun], one who has embraced Islam, a follower of Muhammad. The form Moslem is also common in English; the term Mussulman is now rarely used.
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9; 7:15am-2:30pm Berkeley County Driver Education Range 404 Cumbo Road, Hedgesville Hedgesville HS, Musselman HS, Martinsburg HS, Spring Mills HS
Musselman says there was also some "buyer's shock" that accompanied the frenzy because buyers wanted to offer 10-20 percent less than sellers were asking.
While Musselman said many congregants were pleasant to him, he noticed that many ignored him completely, with one person telling him that he should leave the church.
Musselman, now nearing 70, grew up around the southern Utah desert town intimately linked "The Duke" and his Westerns.
Theus' departure means the Kings will be paying three head coaching salaries this season to Natt, Theus and Musselman, who still has a year left on his contract.
In this southeast corner of Virginia, an area known for its swamps, briny water, and access to the sea, Musselman is helping the state's last known stand of longleaf pine make a comeback.
Green Musselman describes especially well the ways in which scientists most often charged with reducing human experience to a basic, materialist level frequently undermined these same assertions by reserving for themselves positions of transcendent genius or social superiority.
And because there didn't need to be a big tear up at the plant to accommodate the Freestar, they were able to work on ergonomic and processing improvements in the plant, over 800 of them, according to vehicle engineering manager Tom Musselman.
THIS YEAR, AFTER MUCH DELIBERATION, Chief Machinist's Mate (SW/AW) Phillip Dennis had the honor of being chosen as the Pacific Fleet Sailor of the Year (SOY), Chief Machinist's Mate (SW) Marc Medina as Chief of Naval Operations Shore SOY, Chief Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (SEAL) Peter Musselman as the Atlantic Fleet SOY and Chief Electronics Technician (SW) Mark Antoniazzi as the SOY for Naval Reserve Forces.
Bill Musselman coached at every level of basketball, conspicuously, controversially, and always all out, until his heart gave out at age 60 last year.
We never used to have any fleece sales in Florida or Hawaii," Musselman said, "but we do now.
Faye Musselman joined HFN in 1998 as Textiles and Fibers Editor based in Atlanta and currently serves as Textiles Retail/Products Editor.