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[Arab.,=one who surrenders (himself to God), an agent form of the verb of which Islam is a verbal noun], one who has embraced Islam, a follower of Muhammad. The form Moslem is also common in English; the term Mussulman is now rarely used.
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If the Musselmann is the end of humanity, then the corporatized Mac-college is the end of the university, and in both cases what one has is a readily nameable instance of abjection.
Musselmann's introduced aseptically packed applesauce in July 1985.
Moy, Director of the United States Mint, and Diane Musselmann unveil the designs for the 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar.
Musselmann, 62, died surrounded by family on May 7 at home in Rossmoor, Calif.
Musselmann was elected National Commander in 1986 at the organization's National Convention in Reno, Nev.
"Ken Musselmann was an institution in the DAV, and he leaves a legacy of advocacy and service that will live on long after his passing," said National Commander Roberto Barrera.
Musselmann, Director, Disabled Veterans" LIFE Memorial Foundation.
Musselmann, center, accepts a bomber jacket in recognition for being the Recruiter of the Year from then-National Commander Paul W.
This reality hit me one morning, when I received a phone call from Ken Musselmann, the DAV Adjutant for the Department of California, and he reported that Kathy Gambrella, a wonderful lady who served as office manager for the California DAV had died suddenly.