Mustafa IV

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Mustafa IV,

1778–1808, Ottoman sultan (1807–8), son of Abd al-Hamid I. He was raised to the throne by the reactionary JanissariesJanissaries
[Turk.,=recruits], elite corps in the service of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). It was composed of war captives and Christian youths pressed into service; all the recruits were converted to Islam and trained under the strictest discipline.
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 who had deposed Mustafa's cousin, Selim IIISelim III,
1761–1808, Ottoman sultan (1789–1807), nephew and successor of Abd al-Hamid I to the throne of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). He suffered severe defeats in the second of the Russo-Turkish Wars with Catherine II, but suffered no major territorial losses when
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, because they opposed his attempted reforms. When a Turkish army marched on the capital to restore Selim, Mustafa had him murdered, but the rebels killed Mustafa and placed his brother, Mahmud II, on the throne.
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In fact, however, Selim was assassinated by the revolting Janissary auxiliaries before he had a chance to abdicate, and it was the latter who placed Mustafa IV on the throne in preference to the liberal and far more independent Prince Mahmud, soon afterwards to become Mahmud II.