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And so it appears to be the case for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a long-time Islamic politician who has been on top of the political pyramid in Turkey for at least 14 years, certainly longer than Mustapha Kamal Ataturk, who established the modern Turkish republic in 1923.
Benabdellah devrait egalement avoir des entretiens avec son homologue egyptien Mustapha Kamal Madbouli, ainsi qu'avec des ministres charges de l'habitat et du developpement urbain, en plus d'autres hauts responsables, axes sur le renforcement de la cooperation bilaterale dans le domaine du logement et de la politique de la ville.
On Monday, former central bank governor Mustapha Kamal Nabli, running as an independent, ended his presidential campaign in the northern city of Bizerte.
"The secular forces and the church and the judges are not happy with the constitution; the journalists are not happy, so I think this will increase tensions in the country," Mustapha Kamal Al-Sayyid, a Cairo University political science professor, (http:// told the Jerusalem Post.
He is remembered for expressing reservations about the Camp David peace treaty with Israel which he helped to negotiate, Mustapha Kamal al-Sayyid, a political scientist told Reuters.
The same happened to the NDP," Mustapha Kamal al-Sayyid, an Egyptian politcal scientist, said.
Under a portrait of Mustapha Kamal Ataturk, Erdogan underlined the importance of engaging Hamas.
Mustapha Kamal, 33, of Preston, Lancs, got 15 days for hurling an empty beer can at police.
The leftist Tagammu party's Khaled Mohieddin was one of the Free Officers who helped lead Egypt from its British-influenced monarchy to the Nasserist Republic; the Wafd's Fouad Serag Eddin, is a luminary from the pre-Revolutionary Wafd party which fought the British occupiers in 1919 and instituted constitutional democracy; the Labour Party's Ibrahim Shokri is a founding member of the Young Egypt Party whose chief claim to fame is that he helped step up the fight to rid the country of the British in the 1930s, and the Liberals' Mustapha Kamal Murad is a former Nasser and Sadat confidante.