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mute swan

a Eurasian swan, Cygnus olor, with a pure white plumage, an orange-red bill with a black base, and a curved neck

Mute Swan


(Cygnus olor), a bird of the order Anseriformes. The body measures about 1.5 m in length. The plumage of the adult is white, and of the young, gray. The bill is red, except for the knob at the base and the tip, which are black. The mute swan is found sporadically in Europe, Asia Minor, Middle Asia, and Central Asia. In the USSR it is found in Estonia and Lithuania, along the lower courses of the Danube, Dnestr, and Volga rivers, in southwestern Siberia, and in Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, and Transbaikalia. The mute swan inhabits large lakes with reed thickets. It winters on the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian seas and in Middle Asia. The clutch contains seven to nine eggs, which are incubated for 35 days. The diet consists of aquatic vegetation. The mute swan is a protected species and hunting is prohibited by law. Domesticated mute swans are found in parks.

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They have similar habitat requirements to mute swans and are often found in the same areas.
2) inoculated juvenile mute swans and confirmed that they are the most likely swan species to transmit HPAI (H5N1).
These mute swans were resident wild birds, not migratory birds, and we have no reason to believe those birds that were positive (for avian influenza) had any connection with any commercial poultry," said DeHaven.
And it's not just mute swans, whooper swans are being affected as well.
Some environmental and bird conservation groups say the thousands of mute swans now on the East Coast and in the Great Lakes region are invasive intruders that compete with native birds and other wildlife for habitat and food.
He watched a male mute swan attack a resident male and eventually drive him away from his territory, his mate, and four 2-month-old cygnets.
Mute swans were on the point of extinction due to over-hunting until they were saved by an unlikely ally - the turkey.
The River Tees attracts a variety of wildlife, including seals, salmon, otters and voals, whilst Portrack Meadow has some lovely walks where you can catch a glimpse of Roe deer, Mute Swans and possibly even Peregrine Falcons.
In the present article, we describe severe fatal diphtheritic pharyngitis and esophagitis caused by Streptoeara incognita in 3 female mute swans (Cygnus olor) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
When I first saw them I assumed they would be whooper swans migrating from the far north, but was surprised to discover they are mute swans.
The lake drying out, because it has no liner and has clay and gravel beneath the silt, also affects the local waterfowl which comprises a pair of breeding mute swans as well as mallard, coot and moorhen.
Mute swans gracing local waters are both beauty and beast, elegant and harmful.