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mute swan

a Eurasian swan, Cygnus olor, with a pure white plumage, an orange-red bill with a black base, and a curved neck

Mute Swan


(Cygnus olor), a bird of the order Anseriformes. The body measures about 1.5 m in length. The plumage of the adult is white, and of the young, gray. The bill is red, except for the knob at the base and the tip, which are black. The mute swan is found sporadically in Europe, Asia Minor, Middle Asia, and Central Asia. In the USSR it is found in Estonia and Lithuania, along the lower courses of the Danube, Dnestr, and Volga rivers, in southwestern Siberia, and in Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, and Transbaikalia. The mute swan inhabits large lakes with reed thickets. It winters on the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian seas and in Middle Asia. The clutch contains seven to nine eggs, which are incubated for 35 days. The diet consists of aquatic vegetation. The mute swan is a protected species and hunting is prohibited by law. Domesticated mute swans are found in parks.

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Key words: fracture, misaligned ossification, distraction osteogenesis, orthopedics, mandible, rhinotheca, avian, mute swan, Cygnus olor
They have similar habitat requirements to mute swans and are often found in the same areas.
Undeniably beautiful, mute swans are aggressive to native waterfowl and destructive to habitat.
AN email from the British Trust for Ornithology updated me about a ringed mute swan found during December.
Over a five-day period during the third week of July, the annual census of all the unmarked mute swans on the River Thames takes place between Sunbury and Abingdon, Traditionally, the Crown owns all unmarked swans on the river, as they used to be common source of food for the monarch.
2) inoculated juvenile mute swans and confirmed that they are the most likely swan species to transmit HPAI (H5N1).
It is not thought the dog's owners are facing any prosecution and, unlike other swans, white mute swans are not considered the property of the Queen.
In the Spring of 2005, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources informed the Humane Society that it would begin killing mute swans in the Chesapeake Bay because they endangered the ecosystem.
The two birds in question were mute swans that lived in the Pointe Mouillee State Game Area on the shores of Lake Erie in far southeastern Michigan.
Pink mute swans were first spotted in Cork almost two years ago.
With their elegant profiles, mute swans are the stars of many a fairy tale, but in real life they have become creatures of controversy.
Zebra mussels, Asian swamp eels, mute swans, and other unwelcome immigrants are ravaging the United States, causing billions of dollars of damage to natural areas, businesses, and consumers, according to a report by the U.