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(cell and molecular biology)
The smallest unit of genetic material capable of undergoing mutation.



the unit of mutation; the smallest section of a gene. Mutation is a change in a muton, leading to the emergence of a new, mutant form of a given organism. The terms “muton,” “cistron,” and “recon” were proposed by the American geneticist S. Benzer in 1957 to describe a definite gene function. The term “muton” later fell into disuse because it became clear that the muton corresponds to one pair of nucleotides in the DNA molecule and to a single nucleotide in viruses, which contain only single-stranded DNA or RNA.

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Asst Chief Constable Phil Kay said thousands of people were hit and Muton showed a "blatant disregard for members of the public".
Muton, (32), was remanded into custody for pre-sentence reports after a jury at Leicester Crown Court took just 10 minutes to find him guilty of causing a public nuisance.
Psychiatrists said Nicholas Muton, 32, had no mental illness.
Nicholas Muton, 32, angry about a court case, stood on a bridge over the M1 wearing a noose, Leic-ester crown court heard.
Nicholas Muton stood smoking and drinking on a bridge over the M1 as part of a protest after a phone call to police in which he mentioned a public hanging, the jury heard.
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The weakening of the adhesion forces prevents Streptococcus mutons from colonizing the enamel responsible for dental infection.