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India: see MathuraMathura
or Muttra
, city (1991 pop. 235,922), Uttar Pradesh state, N central India, on the Yamuna River. An agricultural market town and district administrative center, it is best known as a Hindu pilgrimage site, the reputed birthplace of the god Krishna.
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Como Shanti Devi continuo haciendo esas afirmaciones, a sus 9 anos de edad, su familia escribio una carta para saber si esa persona que decia fue su esposo en la vida previa realmente existio en Muttra. La respuesta a esa carta confirmo lo dicho por la nina.
Shanti Devi hablaba con unos modismos de expresion familiares en Muttra. Su dialecto impresiono tambien a los testigos.
Shirley Kolmer and hex cousin, Joel Kolmer, 61 and 58 at the time of their deaths, Barbara Ann Muttra, 69, Agnes Mueller, 62, and Kathleen McGuire, 54, were all caught up in the violence that gripped Liberia in the early 1990s as the regime of President Samuel K.
Barbara Ann Muttra ran a health clinic in Kle, 25 miles north.
Just before Christmas the bodies of two of them -- Sisters Barbara Ann Muttra, 69, and Mary Joel Kolmer, 58 -- were finally recovered and identified.