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A very popular SQL-based relational DBMS for both Web and embedded applications. Pronounced "my S-Q-L," MySQL runs under all popular operating systems. The free, open source versions are available under the GNU license, and hundreds of millions of copies have been downloaded worldwide.

MySQL was originally available from MySQL AB, Uppsala, Sweden, which was acquired by Sun in 2008, and Oracle acquired Sun in 2010. Oracle offers the paid and more comprehensive Enterprise editions.

My Is Not "My" Database - It's His Daughter
Michael Widenius was the primary author of the software and co-founder of MySQL AB, and MySQL was named after his daughter My.

Extensive Language Support
Applications using MySQL are written in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, C/C++, C# and Visual Basic. The MySQL programming interface (API) is a superset of the C language API for mSQL, which was developed by David Hughes in 1994. See mSQL and SQL.
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dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL contains two separate tools, dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL and dbForge Data Compare for MySQL.
Key enhancements in MySQL 5.7, which deliver greater performance and scalability, include:
CMake[4] is launched to generate a valid Makefile, after extracting MySQL driver archive into a folder.
Oracle claims that MySQL users can experience up to 90 percent less total cost of ownership compared to running SQL Server 2012.
We can also manipulate query cache with the following MySQL statements:
In addition, the Sun Systems for MySQL Performance solution provides a complete solution for building and deploying MySQL-based web services on the company's x86 blade and rackmount servers, including its Flash-ready servers powered by the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series.
Con respecto a la seguridad solo se tiene informacion oficial de como modificar el archivo de configuracion para bloquear usuarios creados por defecto asi como tambien piden encarecidamente que cambien la contrasena del usuario "root" al momento de instalar MySQL.
According to the companies, a 30-day trial of Zmanda Recovery Manager Enterprise Edition, an open-source backup and recovery solution designed for MySQL databases, is available at
MySQL's open source database is widely deployed across all major operating systems, hardware vendors, geographies, industries and application types.
(NASDAQ: JAVA) said on Friday (18 January) that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Swedish company MySQL AB, an open source company and open source database developer, in a total consideration valued at approximately USD1.0bn.
BI relies on strong database management as provided by DBMSs such as MySQL, which with Version 5 now competes in performance, capabilities, and reliability with other market-leading relational database systems.
For the first time, what is referred to commonly as WAMP, the package of Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP, has been added with a commercial update service (Japanese Yen 12,800/year).