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A group of muscles innervated by a single spinal nerve.
The muscle plate that differentiates into myomeres.
An instrument used to divide a muscle.



the rudimentary musculature in embryos of chor-date animals and man. The myotome is a paired metameric structure situated on the sides of the chorda and neural tube. It develops from the dorsal part of the internal wall of the somite.

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We proceeded to focus on the cerebellum and the parietal cortex, resetting the myotomes in the cervical spine, upper extremities, pelvic girdle, and lower extremities, in that order.
For example, a patient with a C5 incomplete injury may have decreased motor function in the lower cervical myotomes but may have lower extremity muscles that are all present, although weak.
For example LU3,4 or LI8 are recommended by the author because they are in different muscles but they share the C5/6 myotome innervation.
Lepidopsetta mochigarei is a species of Lepidopsetta with the following combination of characters in adults: total gill rakers on first arch 6-10, on upper arch 1-3; total gill rakers on second arch 7-10; supraorbital pores 1-3; preopercular pores 8-13; lateral-line pores 95-119; sum of scales above and below lateral line 91-108; interorbital narrow; blindside coloration white, and glossy highlights along myotome margins increasing anteriorly.
It presents maps of dermatomes, myotomes, sclerotomes and acupuncture channels in the head, trunk and limbs.
The final chapter is a 110-page reference summarizing muscle anatomy, muscles as part of motions, muscle innervation, and myotomes.
It may contribute to exclude real cases with milder disease, [in which patients] were able to quickly reinnervate affected myotomes," they noted.
Preservation of voluntary motor unit potentials was observed in all tested myotomes in 10 patients, and voluntary motor unit potentials were absent in some myotomes in 4 patients.
Injuries to the area of the conus medullaris often yield a combination of both upper and lower motor neuron symptoms in the dermatomes and myotomes of the affected sectors.
Gapping--Fish fillets are often produced in which the muscle flakes, called myotomes, separate, creating the effect called "gapping.
One model suggests a developmental relationship between the axial series and the myotomes in which each preaxial piece receives muscle slips from the segment supplying the axial series.
All upper extremity peripheral nerves (motor components) and myotomes (C4-T1) were assessed during motor testing.