myristica fragrans

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Common spice considered to be an aphrodisiac in many cultures. Source of myrisiticin, a mild central nervous system stimulant and euphoric. Some people grind down a nut for fresh nutmeg and take it as a way to get high. Be aware large doses are poisonous and can cause miscarriage. As an intoxicant, can lead to hallucinations, delirium and days of nausea and headaches. Used as an anti-parasitic. A small amount of nutmeg, about the size of a pea, can be taken once daily for a year to relieve chronic nervous problems, as well as heart problems stemming from poor circulation.
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Crystalline sugar (talmishri) prepared from sap of Borassus flabellifer was added to macerated roots of Bombax ceiba and fruits of Myristica fragrans.
Tanaka & Tanaka, 1977], and Myristica fragrans Houtt.
An analogy exists with nutmeg, from Myristica fragrans Houttuyn, which is used as a psychoactive drug and contains a number of aromatic ethers in the essential oil fraction, most notably myristicin (3-methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxysubstituted) and elemicin (3,4,5-trimethoxysubstituted).
43 The seed of Myristica fragrans of the Spice Islands yields nutmeg - but what spice is obtained from the same tree's fruit covering?