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see sweet cicelysweet cicely
, name for the European herb Myrrhis odorata and for closely related American and Asian plants of the genus Osmorhiza, all of the family Umbelliferae (parsley family).
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Myrrhis odorata - Sweet Cicely - is a lovely member of the cow-parsley family.
9 Myrrhis odorata Another gorgeous herbaceous plant, also known as sweet cicely.
Aquilegia Sweet Rainbows; Stargazer lily; Sweet peas; Nemesia Shooting Stars; Viola Baronne Alice de Rothschild; Tiarella Iron Butterfly; Phlox Clouds of Perfume; Laurentia Blue Stars; Lilium regale; Myrrhis odorata; Nicotiana sylvestris; Casa Blanca