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Conn.: see StoningtonStonington
, town (1990 pop. 16,919), New London co., extreme SE Conn., on a peninsula jutting into Long Island Sound; settled 1649 from Plymouth, inc. 1662. Fishing has declined, but the manufacture of precision tools, boats, and textiles remain leading industries.
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1 River, c.10 mi (16 km) long, rising in SE Conn. and flowing S past Old Mystic and Mystic villages to the Long Island Sound. Mystic Seaport, a maritime museum, is at its mouth. 2 River, c.7 mi (11 km) long, rising in Mystic Lakes, E Mass., and flowing SE, past Medford, into Boston Harbor at Charlestown. Medford was one of the important early settlements on its banks.


a person who achieves mystical experience or an apprehension of divine mysteries


An early system on the IBM 704, IBM 650, IBM 1103 and 1103A.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):16, May 1959].
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And to all poets coming after, these two lovers have been types of romantic and mystic love between man and woman.
But some one, perhaps it was Robert, thought of a bath at that mystic hour and under that mystic moon.
He raises physical nature to the level of human thought, giving it thereby a mystic power and expression; he subdues man to the level of nature, but gives him therewith a certain breadth and vastness and solemnity.
Is there no leech here who can tell us the ingredients of this mystic unguent?''
The first class set forth, that Rebecca was heard to mutter to herself in an unknown tongue that the songs she sung by fits were of a strangely sweet sound, which made the ears of the hearer tingle, and his heart throb that she spoke at times to herself, and seemed to look upward for a reply that her garments were of a strange and mystic form, unlike those of women of good repute that she had rings impressed with cabalistical devices, and that strange characters were broidered on her veil.
And still, whether it was dark or whether it was light, the figure of the child floated on before me in its changeless and mystic light.
She uses two medieval women mystics as models: Benedictine abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) and Beguine Hadewijch of Brabant (mid-13th century).
We should not see these writers simply as precursors of Saint Teresa of Avila, even though both groups, the mystics and the earlier, more traditional, intellectual writers, constitute her textual "foremothers." Though Saint Teresa has always been canonical, many now see her as profoundly modern, and this revival has increased interest in preceding women (religious) writers.
Packing for the women's retreat was easy: a sweatshirt, a bottle of wine, Mint Milano cookies and 12 books on mystics. I even brought a Hildegarde of Bingen CD.
"Do you have a recommendation for a text?" she asked just weeks before Visions of God: Four Medieval Mystics and Their Writings, by Karen Armstrong (Bantam, 228 pages, $10.95 paperback) arrived.
Elena Delle Donne scored 25 points and hit three of Washington's Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA)-record 18 three-pointers in the Mystics' 107-68 victory over the Indiana Fever on Sunday.
ATLANTA -- The Washington Mystics decided to keep Elena Delle Donne in the post and see how the Atlanta Dream would adjust.