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a medieval city in Greece, 5 km from Sparta; an important center of late Byzantine culture.

Mistra was founded by Crusaders in 1249. In the 14th and 15th centuries it was the capital of the Morea despotate. In 1460 it was taken by the Turks, who abandoned the city at the end of the 18th century. The ruins of Mistra, picturesquely situated on a hillside, include the remains of a fortress (13th century), a palace (13th to 15th centuries), and medieval dwellings (along the main street, which proceeds in a zigzag manner). There are also numerous monastery churches of the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, including Mitropolis, Aphendiko, Pantanassa, St. Theodore, and Perivleptos. All but the last two churches combine basilica and cruciform domed plans.


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The areas to be rebuilt are: "Nicosia Square" (Pontian-Metro Argyroupolis) and "Mystras Square" at Ano Elliniko (El.
IPB's brief was to laser scan the Mystras FPSO (Floating Storage Production Vessel) that is located in the Gulf of Guinea, an important oil producing region off the coast of Nigeria.
In addition to its speed and accuracy, the FARO Focus laser scanner was chosen for use on the Mystras FPSO project due to its minimal size and light weight.
(33) In May 2007 Mystras was also attacked, and three days later Trident VIII was targeted.
(34.) Mystras, an FPSO, was attacked on 3 May 2007, while Trident VIII, a mobile offshore drilling rig, was attacked 5 May.
He had been snatched with six other oil workers from the Mystras - a tanker and oil refinery based 60 miles off the coast of Nigeria - where he had worked for just nine weeks.
In their ransom note, militant rebels, The Supreme Egbusu Boys - who describe themselves as "Freedom Fighters" - demanded the equivalent of just over pounds 2.5m in US dollars for sacked Mystras worker Victor Pickett.
He had been snatched with six other oil workers from the Mystras - a tanker and oil refinery based off the coast of Nigeria - by The Supreme Egbesu Boys.
He was a production superintendent working on the vessel Mystras, a Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel and oil refinery that was based off the coast of Nigeria.
Contract award: convention kt1-13: land registration study for the creation of national cadastre in prokapodistriakes communities saint john, posters, branches, cheek, mystras and paroreiou regional unity laconia and prokapodistriakes communities elaiochorio, mikromani, karteroliou, mavrommatis pamisou and pepper regional unity of messinia peloponnese region and support services
He had completed two four-week on-off shifts as a production superintendent on Mystras - a tanker and oil refinery based off the Nigerian coast.
We began in Athens, with a stay at the luxurious Ledra Marriott hotel and a visit to the world-famous Acropolis before travelling south through Corinth, Sparta and Monemvasia and on to Mystras.