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A benign tumor composed of mucinous connective tissue.
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a benign tumor made up of connective tissue and containing a large amount of mucus. Myxomas arise from residues of embryonic (mucous) connective tissue or from mucous transformation of fibromas or lipomas. They may be found in all organs, particularly in the extremities, subcutaneous tissue, and mesentery. Myxomas are treated by surgery; they may recur if not completely excised.

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Data on ovarian myxoma management are scarce and mostly extrapolated from isolated case reports or small histopathological series.
Acute heart failure in patients with atrial myxoma has rarely been described, and several pathogenetic mechanisms have been proposed.
With these pathologic features, the final evaluation of the polypoid mass was reported as myxoma. The patient consulted with Cardiology, Endocrinology and Dermatology departments and was evaluated for the Carney complex.
In one case series of 74 patients, atrial myxoma first presented as stroke in 16% of patients [8].
Thus, a final diagnosis of laryngeal myxoma was rendered.
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Other cardiac tumours may also have a cystic presentation particularly: the mesothelioma of the atrioventricular node, the myxoma, and vascular tumours such as haemangioma and sarcoma [14].
The previously noted LA mass measured 2.1 cm by 1.4 cm, appeared pedunculated and was attached to the left side of the interatrial septum with echogenic characteristics concerning for atrial myxoma (Figure 1).
Odontogenic myxoma is the third most common odontogenic tumor after ameloblastoma and odontomas (34).
Practical PCR testing using DNA from cowpox, monkeypox, ectromelia, parapox-ORF, myxoma, avipox, and molluscipox viruses showed no cross-reactivity.