Nédoncelle, Maurice Gustave

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Nédoncelle, Maurice Gustave


Born Oct. 30, 1905, in Roubaix. French idealist philosopher. Catholic priest. Professor (1945) and dean (1956–65) of the department of theology of the University of Strasbourg. A leading representative of personalism.

The basic feature of Nédoncelle’s philosophy is his concept of reciprocity, that is, the necessary link between the consciousness of the I and the consciousness of the Other. According to Nédoncelle, personalism is essentially an affirmation of community. The dyad that arises from the interdependence of I and Thou makes possible the appearance of the personality and confirms its reality. The full realization of the personality occurs when the individual turns to god, with whom personality is linked by its very nature, since its existence is a result of the reciprocity between the human and the divine.


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