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Network Associates

The former name of McAfee, Inc. See McAfee.
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(nei), a wind instrument. (1) An Arab-Iranian end-blown flute with six to eight finger holes.

(2) An Uzbek and Tadzhik transverse flute with six finger holes. It has a diatonic scale, although chromatic notes can also be produced with special fingering and partial covering of the finger holes. Depending on the material from which it is made the nai is called agach-nai (wooden), garau-nai (bamboo), misnai (tin), and brindgzhi-nai (brass).

(3) Moldavian and Rumanian panpipes consisting of eight to 24 pipes of different length (on which the pitch depends) joined together to form a raft. They have a diatonic scale.

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O see the darkness yielding that tore the light apart, Come healing of the reason, Come healing of the heart." Even though Nai Nai doesn't know it, the family engages in a ritual of healing as they face the fact of her death, offering an experience of grace to all of them.
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