NAND flash

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NAND flash

The type of flash memory in a solid state drive (SSD), USB drive and memory card. NAND flash is used for storage, while NOR flash supports program execution. The NAND and NOR designations actually refer to the logic circuits on the chips (for more details, see flash memory and logic gate).

2D NAND - Limitations
Traditional flash memory has a single layer of cells, known as "2D planar NAND." As manufacturers shrank the cells and cell walls to increase storage density, fewer electrons resided in each cell, and leakage would occur. In addition, storing two and three bits in a single cell made ever smaller cells increasingly problematic (see MLC).

3D NAND - The Solution
Instead of making cells smaller, starting in 2013, Samsung began stacking layers of cells on top of one another. Other manufacturers followed.

3D NAND Solid State Drives (SSDs)
In 2018, Kingston Technology announced 64-layer, triple level 3D NAND SSDs in three form factors: 2.5" SATA SSDs up to 1.9TB, mSATA SSDs up to 480GB (top) and M.2 SSDs up to 960GB (bottom). The M.2 interface supports both SATA and PCI Express. See SATA, mSATA and PCI Express.
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For NAND Flash, SK hynix will focus on its 72-layer NAND but also plans to target the high-end smartphones and SSD market by increasing the proportion of 96-layer 4D NAND from the second half.
The W71NW20KK1KW is a 149-ball Ball Grid Array (BGA) MCP consisting of a 2Gb SLC NAND Flash die and a 2Gb LPDDR4x DRAM die.
The new StorFly SSDs will take advantage of 3D NAND's lower cost per bit enabled by NAND flash dies being stacked for higher density, as opposed to the conventional planar method of manufacturing flash.
For these systems, where accurate time division is critical to the delivery of safety, engineers can use HCC's deterministic SafeFTL to integrate arrays of NAND flash without disturbing the predictability of the system.
"We expect that the second line will be able to more actively deal with the rising demand of NAND flash chips," a Samsung official said, noting that positive effects on China's regional economy are also expected.
Research provider Trendforce said the rapidly growing data centre market, which needs more memory capacity to handle increasing data traffic, is expected to underpin revenue growth and margins for Samsung's NAND Flash business in 2018.
During 2017, NAND flash demand continues to expand because of the increase in average memory content of smartphones and the strong server market.
(TSE: 2337), an integrated device manufacturer in the Non-Volatile Memory market, has introduced its AEC-Q100 Grade 2/3 compliant NAND Flash memory product.
The anti-transfer provisions of the relevant agreements between Toshiba and SanDisk, which govern their NAND flash memory joint ventures, are unambiguous and explicitly require that Toshiba obtain SanDisk's consent prior to any transfer of JV interests, Western Digital said.
Flashmatrix continues Toshiba's mission to persistently develop innovative technologies to make the best use of NAND flash memory.
Xiao discusses the advantages of three-dimensional devices and their applications in dynamic random access memory, three-dimensional NAND flash, and advanced-technology-node complementary metal-oxide semiconductor integrated circuits.
Despite the recent advent of 3D NAND flash memory, we don't expect to see consumer drives hitting these kinds of capacities in the near future.