NAND flash

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NAND flash

The type of flash memory used in a solid state drive (SSD), USB drive and memory card. For the difference between NAND and NOR flash, see flash memory.

2D NAND - Limitations
Traditional flash memory has a single layer of cells, known as "2D planar NAND." As manufacturers shrank the cells and cell walls to increase storage density, fewer electrons resided in each cell, and leakage would occur. In addition, storing two and three bits in a single cell made ever smaller cells increasingly problematic.

3D NAND - The Solution
Instead of making cells smaller, the solution was to stack layers of cells on top of one another for greater storage on a single chip. In 2013, Samsung began making 48-layer 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND) chips, eventually offering 64 layers. Other manufacturers followed with their own 3D NAND products. In 2017, SK Hynix announced a 72-layer 256GB NAND flash chip using trilevel cells (see MLC).

Why NAND and NOR Monikers?
NAND and NOR are logic gates, and their names were chosen for flash memory due to the way the two different flash circuits are wired. See logic gate and flash memory.
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On the other hand, DRAMeXchange's NAND flash market outlook indicates supply and demand will reach a balance in 2018, moving away from the undersupply situation of 2017.
The company says that the product has passed all the stringent AEC-Q100 reliability standards, and becomes the first AEC-Q100 full compliant NAND Flash product supplier for Automotive applications.
Technavio predicts that the global mobile NAND flash market will grow at a CAGR of 15% and 21.
Since Apple has been using MLC NAND flash in most of its products, the Cupertino company may reportedly consider using MLC instead of TLC.
Firmware indicates to a computer program inside a NAND flash controller that improves the speed and stability of the product.
Toshiba commands the second-largest share of the global NAND flash memory market after South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co.
Toshiba said it was making an adjustment in production of NAND flash memory at its Yokkaichi Operation plant in Mie Prefecture, Japan.
Toshiba's BENAND removes the burden of ECC from the host processor while minimizing protocol changes and allowing host processors to support leading-edge process NAND flash memory in a timely manner.
Toshiba is another chipmaker stepping up development projects of NAND Flash chips, having set aside three analog-chip factories for the development of NAND Flash chips.
According to the company, the USD3bn facility is expected to employ about 1,200 people and is currently ramping production of the companies' 25nm NAND Flash memory.
Customers now have access to high-quality IP that enables them to quickly deploy Toggle-mode DDR NAND memory in their product designs, and maximize the benefits of its high-performance and low power features," said Robert Pierce, senior director of NAND Flash IP at Denali Software.
5 Gbps SATA I, and when functioning as a NAND Flash memory controller IC can control the latest 4 Kbyte/page SLC (single-level cell) and MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash memories.