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see North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO), established under the North Atlantic Treaty (Apr. 4, 1949) by Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and the United States.
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Vachnadze, Nataliia (Nato) Georgievna


Born June 14, 1904, in Warsaw; died June 14, 1953. Soviet film actress. People’s Artist of the Georgian SSR. Member of the CPSU from 1943.

Vachnadze first appeared in motion pictures during the 1920’s. In silent films she acted primarily in screen adaptations of Georgian literary works—for example, Nino in Arsen the Bandit (1924), based on a Georgian folk narrative poem; Nunu in At the Pillory (1924), based on Kazbegi’s novel The Patricide; and Fati in The Horseman from the Wild West (1925), based on Ninashidze’s novel Who Is to Blame? Vachnadze created lyrical and inspired roles of Georgian women and was especially successful in portraying characters of a romantic nature. Her best roles in talking motion pictures included Tamara in The Last Masquerade, (1934), Neno in Arsen (1937), and Nani in The Golden Valley (1937). Vachnadze was awarded the State Prize of the USSR in 1941 and four orders.


Zhgenti, L. A. Nato Vachnadze. Tbilisi, 1967.


free-world mutual security pact against Soviet bloc. [World Hist.: Van Doren, 520]


, Nato
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization composed of the US, Canada, Britain, and a number of European countries: established by the North Atlantic Treaty (1949) for purposes of collective security. In 1994 it launched the partnerships for peace initiative, in order to forge alliances with former Warsaw Pact countries; in 1997 a treaty of cooperation with Russia was signed and in 1999 Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic became full NATO members
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With the membership of 3 above-mentioned countries in the first step of NATO expansion, NATO members reached 19.
So NATO expansion has left the Cold War unfinished.
9) His suggestion: go slow with decisions - don't rush into such things as NATO expansion, notably as the Georgia-Russian crisis cools.
NATO expansion, meanwhile, has inflamed Russian resentments and helped to trigger the Georgian crisis.
The premise of continued NATO expansion must be that the independence of Russia's neighbors is threatened and that the United States must guarantee their security.
On Nato expansion, Gordon Brown supports the plan to invite the Balkan states of Croatia, Albania and Macedonia to become full members and British officials expect that to go through - if only after last-minute wrangling.
NATO expansion, Afghanistan, Balkan Region developments expected to head crucial upcoming summit in Romania from April 2-4.
Officials here describe NATO expansion as an aggressive encirclement of Russia and an attempt to isolate the country in its natural sphere of influence.
It is part of a catalogue of international tensions that include clashes relating to energy security, Iran and Nato expansion.
42) Like Lithuania, membership in NATO brings new opportunities to contribute to global security in ways that previously seem unlikely in the absence of NATO expansion.
The Commanding Officer of 42 Commando, Lieut Col Ged Salzano, said last night: "The company group will be the first British combat troops into the Helmand area as part of the Nato expansion and is robust enough to look after itself and protect the engineers.
Though none of the four countries is fully ready there is no doubt that NATO expansion will continue.

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