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1. Network Addressable Unit.

2. Network Access Unit.
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an urban-type settlement and center of Nau Raion, Leninabad Oblast, Tadzhik SSR. Railroad station on the Kha-vast-Kokand line, 36 km southwest of the city of Leninabad. Population, 10,000 (1972). Nau has plants producing experimental agricultural and cotton-ginning machinery, reinforced-concrete goods, and asphalt concrete, as well as a flour-milling combine. The settlement also has a theater of Uzbek music and drama.

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(1) (Network Access Unit) An interface card that adapts a computer to a local area network.

(2) (Network Addressable Unit) An IBM SNA component that can be referenced by name and address, which includes the SSCP, LU and PU.
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Shrivers ge !gasasa ge uha i || nau!aba ge [not equal to]uru tama ha isa tsis ge || isa ge mu [not equal to] an || napa i Iguis khami 1 || axasi-i tamas ka io !khai-i tsina a Ikhaisa !gasas di !kharagagu [not equal to]hasigu !na ni diloaloase.
Wilson Giang, 26, and his 31-year-old brother, Nau Giang, were indicted in a June 2, 2007, shooting on Benefit Street that left 24-year-old Julio Cesar Munoz-Mancias dead and 22-year-old Walter Martinez paralyzed.
US private equity company Lightyear Capital LLC said yesterday it had closed the divestment of local crop insurer The NAU Group to QBE Holdings Inc, part of Australian QBE Insurance Group Ltd, for USD565m (EUR451.9m) in cash.