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National Electrical Manufacturers Association

A trade association of electrical manufacturers setting standards of construction quality and dimensional uniformity.
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4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Polycase, a US manufacturer of plastic electronic enclosures, has added a new size to both the YH Series and YQ Series of NEMA rated electrical junction boxes.
They offer hybrid stepper motor in NEMA 8, NEMA 11, NEMA 14, NEMA 17, NEMA 23, NEMA 34 and NEMA 42 frame sizes.
The DOE evaluated the possibility of raising the required efficiencies above the current NEMA Premium standard, however, it has elected to follow most of the coalition's recommendations and will be moving all 3-phase single speed, low voltage Integral HP motors (1-500 hp) up to NEMA Premium Efficiency levels, with some exceptions.
The new intuitive kit is custom designed for use with TRINAMIC's highly integrated and fully proven TMCM-1043 electronic assembly, which is developed for direct mounting on a NEMA 17 motor.
On the complaints of some of the returnees that little was done by the government to safeguard distressed Nigerians during the Arab Spring, he reiterated that NEMA and Nigerian Embassies in the troubled and neighbouring countries had mobilised resources to evacuate Nigerians by deploying all available mass media to reach to them and those who turned up were repatriated to Nigeria.
The 15a[euro] IP67 NEMA 6 Panel PC is completely sealed to IP67/NEMA 6 rated standards for water and dust protection, making it capable of operating in the harshest environments including water submersion.
NEMA levies just two charges for all-cargo aircraft; a combined navigational services and runway charge (CNRC) (levied on departures only) and an apron/ramp parking fee (APF) effective on a 'wheels on, to wheels off' the runway basis.
Features include NEMA 4X front panel, self-tuning PID control (single output or heat/cool), and control-loop alarm.
Gulf Underwriters Insurance Company, a group of welders sued NEMA claiming that it issued standards permitting the use of manganese in welding rods, even though it knew about the dangers of manganese fumes.
The NEMA 4 rated enclosure allows the 9XTend RF modem to be used in harsh environments.
Another way facilities can save on energy cost is by using motors that are classified as NEMA Premium-Efficiency.