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see New Economic PolicyNew Economic Policy
(NEP), official economic reconstruction program of the USSR from 1921 to 1928. It replaced the economic policies of "war Communism" (1918–21), an emergency program established by Lenin during the civil war.
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Any small entanglement of textile fibers that cannot be unraveled; formed during carding or ginning.
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For instance, in the match between Russia and Germany, which kicked off at the Galgenwaard stadium in the Dutch city of Utrecht on July 25, NEP deployed Cloud Production, an IP-based video production platform where all resources are available from a cloud-based IP infrastructure.
The MicroNs also play a useful role in NEP UK's legacy OB vehicles, which use separate SDI and AES audio routers.
NEP is widely distributed in various tissues, which include kidney, lung, brain, heart, and vasculatures.
As Lim Hong Hai emphasises, increased Malay domination of the civil service has run completely contrary to the prime 'race-blind' objective of the NEP to eliminate the association of ethnicity with economic function.
The NEP is a way to ensure that solid waste in areas that the MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) is unable to collect from is reduced, and we thank public schools for their initiative and participation in the program," DENR Secretary Ramon Paje said.
Fortunately for NEP Cymru, its main revenue stream has proved healthy.
The NEP encourages inspectors to videotape employees during resident handling activities, provided that informed, written consent is obtained from the resident or family members.
Torgerson and Tim DeVries, a NEP managing general partner, have joined the Savage board of directors.
The review of manuscripts submitted to NEP is similar to the review process used by other scholarly, refereed journals.
The NEP (Directive CPL 03-00-003) is posted at www.
CPC has been working with HPD on the NEP program since its inception and we are proud to once again provide financing under this very important program," said president and CEO of CPC Michael D.
Simultaneous treatment of the cells with arabinosylcytosine and the extract as well as the OeB, leads to an additional enhancement of NEP activity.