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see New Economic PolicyNew Economic Policy
(NEP), official economic reconstruction program of the USSR from 1921 to 1928. It replaced the economic policies of "war Communism" (1918–21), an emergency program established by Lenin during the civil war.
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Any small entanglement of textile fibers that cannot be unraveled; formed during carding or ginning.
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The cabinet reviewed the indicators of the labour market in the first half of 2019, and the latest developments of the National Employment Programme (NEP), launched following directives from HRH the Prime Minister, and based on a recommendation by the Executive Committee, chaired by HRH the Crown Prince, to create job opportunities for the citizens through implementing a number of initiatives aimed at boosting the national economy and developing the labour market.
The details were revealed by Enec as it revealed recent progress on Unit 3 of Barakah NEP.
Commenting on the deployment, Jimmy Parkin, Sound Engineer, NEP Broadcast Services, said: "We have worked extensively with Calrec over the years.
NEP Connect, an NEP Broadcast Services Company, is a provider of global critical connectivity services.
'Under NEP 2030, we want to push for innovations involving all industries by helping to provide a better business environment for all,' he said.
The addition of HDR is consistent with NEP's said strategy to become the world leader in Broadcast Services and Media Solutions and increases NEP's ability to serve its clients in the Nordic region and worldwide.
Meanwhile, construction is progressing on Units 2, 3, and 4 of Barakah NEP, which has an overall completion rate of more than 93%.
The NEP attests to the His Royal Highness the Premier's closeness with the citizens needs and his keenness to ensure their rights and achievements and employing their capabilities under the umbrella of the Bahrainisation of Jobs Plan.
The circular states that '[new] activities or projects that are included in the FY 2019 NEP, hence not part of the FY 2018 GAA, may be awarded on the basis of the FY 2019 GAA'.
London: Fitch Ratings said Turkey's new medium-term economic programme, branded the New Economy Program (NEP), acknowledges that the country faces a lengthy period of adjustment following this summer's sharp lira depreciation.
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said it would be up to Congress to discuss the NEP, noting that the chamber has the power of the purse.
"Malacanang proposed the budget through the NEP (National Expenditure Program) and therefore, we take responsibility for what appears in the NEP.