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(NEP), official economic reconstruction program of the USSR from 1921 to 1928. It replaced the economic policies of "war Communism" (1918–21), an emergency program established by Lenin during the civil war.
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Any small entanglement of textile fibers that cannot be unraveled; formed during carding or ginning.
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THE North East Procurement Service (NEPS) was established in December 2010 to provide procurement services for the 12 North-east Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) which are grouped into four Primary Care Organisation (PCO) clusters.
* For TEMs and NEPs, a unified, stable specification means faster time-to-market, investment protection, a longer life cycle for network equipment, improved interoperability, a real multi-vendor ecosystem, and streamlined compliance with environmental standards.
For these users, NEPs, while reducing exposures, may not result in reduced transmission rates of blood-borne infectious diseases because of the frequency of exposure.
The program was inspired by studies at the NEPS laboratory that had revealed startling results: some of the volunteers older than 60 had doubled their leg strength and some older than 90 had put down their walking canes.
NEPs were classified by the number of syringes exchanged during 1998.
"With these new cPCI system products, along with our scalable Sun servers and software, we are providing NEPs with the flexibility and time-to-market advantage for the delivery of third-generation wireless systems."
Arguing that saving lives and promoting health are more important goals than signaling society's condemnation of drug use, and that public policy should seek to reduce those harms, advocates are fighting to implement NEPs. In cities such as New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Nashua and Manchester, New Hampshire, advocates have been arrested for violating state anti-needle laws.
The Lintmaster Opener/Cleaner system maintains the overall fiber length while at the same time reducing neps and short fiber content.
Wide range of fancyflex(tm) options for creating slubs and neps with DP5-T.
CommAgility, a Wireless Telecom Group company (NYSE American: WTT), has announced that it has been chosen by Aricent, a global design and engineering company, as a partner to develop LTE eNodeB solutions for Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), the company said.
Hungary's 'war on drugs' has led to the closure of major needle exchange programmes (NEPs), and NGOs working directly, or indirectly on harm reduction, have attracted increasing harassment from the government.