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National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)

Rules, prepared by the NESC and approved by ANSI, which govern: (a) methods of grounding; (b) installation and maintenance of electric-supply stations and equipment, of overhead supply and communication lines, and of underground and electric-supply and communications lines; and (c) operation of electric-supply and communication lines and equipment.
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The NESC was originally pushed by Lord Adonis, the former Education Minister.
Source: NESC, A Strategy for the Nineties and OECD calculations.
Noting that over 20 years had elapsed since the first NESC meeting, the President thanked Council Chairman Mr.
Ms French said the 10-year NESC plan has so far failed to get going, adding: "Schools in the North East are committed to working together to raise educational standards, improve leadership and share best practice but action has been frustratingly slow.
The National Drinking Water Clearinghouse, the drinking water division of NESC, is a grant-funded nonprofit organization that provides free and low-cost information about small community wastewater treatment.
Former overseas students, almost all of whom come from NESC countries have responded strongly to these rule changes.
The NESC study revealed the Government's main source of funding for childcare facilities, the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme, has reached less than half its planned spending.
NESC requires the secondary neutral to be interconnected to the power utility neutral at the distribution transformer.
The self-supporting poles must be able to withstand all forces without guying for NESC Heavy Loading District.
PEC with support of USAID-Power Distribution Program (PDP), is starting to develop NESC which would be applicable to power sector, communication companies, operations and maintenance companies and their relevant contractors and manufacturers.