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National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)

Rules, prepared by the NESC and approved by ANSI, which govern: (a) methods of grounding; (b) installation and maintenance of electric-supply stations and equipment, of overhead supply and communication lines, and of underground and electric-supply and communications lines; and (c) operation of electric-supply and communication lines and equipment.
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In fact, a number of NESC born and qualified staff strongly disagreed that patients and families welcomed a second language.
Among the reasons for optimism, as NESC (2010, 29) puts it in retrospect, "was the belief that the EU would find a way to respond to the kinds of risks identified above: asymmetric shocks, the overall monetary-fiscal policy mix, international currency movements and global financial instability.
The following links can be used to access the NesC files of base station, sensor nodes, and attacker nodes.
The NESC was originally pushed by Lord Adonis, the former Education Minister.
An important influence on the development of partnership was the National Economic and Social Council (NESC), founded in 1973 to include the social partners and which favoured the approach as a way of embedding long-term developmental thinking.
These models, named basic models, are used to automatically generate the power consumption of the whole application (from a WSN application written in nesC [8]), the network stack (from a WSN topology and configuration parameters), and the WSN node (i.e., from the composition of application and network models).
ISLAMABAD -- Development of National Electric Safety Code (NESC) will help to reduce the number of casualties as well as serious injuries, as 2012 alone witnessed over 200 casualties while an equally high number of serious disabilities were also recorded.
This was followed up by the setting up of the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) as the country's top think-tank and adviser on economic matters in 2004.
The overarching research is being conducted by the Natural Environment Research Council (NESC) and Ecosystem Services Sustainability (BESS) - and is investigating the role of biodiversity in maintaining and improving ecosystem services - goods and functions provided by nature on which peoples' lives and livelihoods depend.