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(1) (.NET) A software platform for developing applications from Microsoft. See .NET Framework.

(2) (.NETwork) A top-level Internet domain used by carriers, ISPs and other communications-oriented organizations. Both .net and .com domains are sometimes used by the same company. For example, Comcast uses www.comcast.net as a general-purpose news and entertainment portal, while www.comcast.com is used for its products and services. However, the domain is not restricted, and anyone can register a .net domain, even if they have nothing to do with communications. See Internet domain name.
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Again, a Petri Net language is defined y specifying the labeling function and the beginning and final marking.
The Petri Net language that we need to define for this pattern has no special features, and can be specified as follows : [mu]0 = (1,...,0,0,0) and the set of final markings F = {(0,...,0,0,1)}.
The simulation was realized for every component of the model and for the entire model, implementing the Visual Object Net language. By simulation, it was demonstrated that the realized model is viable, able to be resumed, bounded, and has the property of accessibility.
Bizerba's weigh-price labellers feed the catch weight of each pack to the GxS system using Bizerba's GX net language. The GxS interlace then translates this information into Markem's Simcomm language so that the wrap-around labellers print the catch weight of the pack.
For a given language, net language shift equals that language's total home language count minus its total mother tongue count.
Table 3: Net language shift,( ) Canada and regions, 1971-1996 1971 1981 1991 1996
This creates the illusion of a small academic community engaged in conversation, when in reality hundreds of us are "lurking" -- net language meaning that we read or skim the messages but seldom contribute to the conversation.
He also lists selected news-groups and World Wide Web sites, as well as a glossary of terms and an introduction to "Net Language." And finally, a list of ISPs in the United States, Great Britain, Europe, Asia, and Australia is offered.
According to Steven Roman, coauthor of IIVB NET Language in a Nutshell" (Roman, Petrusha & Lomax, O'Reilly, [pounds sterling]24.95), sooner or later all Visual Basic programmers are going to have to wrestle with the decision to upgrade to VB.NET.
It includes the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and a common framework of classes that can be used by all NET languages.