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(1) (Nonlinear Frequency Compression) A hearing aid sound enhancement. See nonlinear frequency compression.

(2) (Near Field Communication) NFC is a wireless technology with a range of only a few inches that is built into most new smartphones, and it may be included in tablets, cameras and household appliances. NFC is used for identification, mobile payments, train and bus tickets and other transactions. It can also be used to transfer data between devices, as well as connect a new wireless device to a Wi-Fi hotspot (see Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

NFC Is an RFID Technology
Like an RFID tag, an NFC tag is used to store data for a one-way transfer. For example, when embedded in an employee badge brought close to a reader, the person is identified. An NFC tag can also be used like a QR barcode to retrieve a Web page or other information (see NFC tags vs. QR codes).

NFC is based on the same magnetic field induction used in RFID. However, whereas RFID tags can be read at a distance, the 13.56 MHz NFC channel range is merely an inch or two. Adhering to the ISO/IEC 14443 international standard for smart cards, NFC is compatible with terminals in use around the world. See NFC tag, RFID, smart card and QR code. See also NFMI.

Back to Back
Two NFC Android smartphones transfer data just by bringing them in close contact. See Android Beam.

Wi-Fi Off, Bluetooth On
A TAGZ-brand NFC sticker is pasted on the car's phone holder. The tag inside the sticker was programmed by an app in the phone to turn Wi-Fi off and Bluetooth on when the phone comes in contact with it. See NFC sticker.

NFC and More
Modern smartphones have five wireless radios. For more details, see mobile wireless modes.


Abbr. for “National Fire Code.”
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Taiwanese companies dedicated to NFC technology are expected to benefit from the boom starting next year.
NFC has the potential to be a significant, pervasive technology, but the lack of NFC chips in existing handsets and security concerns have held the industry back from wide-scale integration of mobile payments on NFC-equipped devices.
The NFC Forum, is a non-profit industry association that advances the use of NFC technology, launched its certification program in December 2010.
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The fan might not have much to cheer about come Super Bowl time, considering the Eagles - and the rest of the NFC - have struggled against the AFC this season.
The five initial SIG Working Groups will report in to a new SIG Committee, which reports to the NFC Forum Board.
NFC Bootcamp(TM) is the first internationally standardized training program of its kind bringing together knowledgeable, respected leaders in the NFC industry to share expertise and insights.
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Raisonance currently provides a complete range of tools for interoperability verification and validation of NFC systems.