NFC tag

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NFC tag

(Near Field Communication tag) An RFID-based electronic device that is made up of a chip and antenna. It can be embedded into other objects such as a business card, poster, prescription bottle or key fob, or it can be a stand-alone sticker that is pasted onto a surface (see NFC sticker).

Types 1, 2 and 4 are based on the ISO/IEC 14443 standard for contactless ID cards. Type 3 tags conform to the X 6319-4c of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). See NFC tags vs. QR codes and NFC.

      Min/Max  Speed   Based onType  Storage  (Kbps)  Standard

   1   96/2KB    106   ISO/IEC 14443A

   2   48/2KB    106   ISO/IEC 14443A

   3   to 1MB    212   JIS X 6319-4c

   4   to 32KB   106   ISO/IEC 14443A&B

   Types 1 and 2 are rewritable.
   Types 3 and 4 come in read-only or
    rewritable versions.
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NFC Tagify is one of the leading suppliers of NFC tags, Stickers, Chip Cards, and Custom Designed NFC products in the United Kingdom.
If the consumer scans the NFC tag again, brands can connect with them via interactive mobile marketing activities, such as gamification, loyalty programs and multimedia content like augmented reality.
This study proposed an authentication technique that provides the mutual authentication between the NFC tag and the reader (or server) using the chaotic map.
* Reader/writer mode means exchanging (reading and writing) data between an NFC mobile and an NFC tag [7].
Wristband based on custom made antenna for passive NFC tag. 20th European Wireless Conference, 1-6, Barcelona, Spain.
To use this innovative payment solution, Mobicash users will input their mobile number to acquire an NFC tag, payment for which will be deducted from their mobile account, and will then place this tag on the Vendi's NFC reader to link their Mobicash mobile account to their NFC tag.
Even if you lose your NFC tag or mobile phone, your money is completely safe, unlike cards.
Integrated into a product, its NFC Tag realizes easy Bluetooth[R] peer-to-peer paring and easy power on/off functions simply by touching another NFC supported mobile device, extensions of the TC35676FTG/FSG functions.
By merely tapping the mobile device on a page of the newspaper with the NFC tag or scanning the QR code, the reader will be linked to a video especially produced by the Manila Bulletin for the 117th celebration of Philippine Independence.
The paper or plastic tags that are being used can also cause harm to the delicate and sensitive skin of infants while an NFC tag can be packaged in soft and flexible bands that are more comfortable.