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NGOs (non-government organizations)

political and other types of organisation (e.g. Oxfam, Greenpeace) that operate on governments and play an increasingly significant role in the wider governance in the contemporary world, especially internationally
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According to reports, the Union and state governments give yearly grants worth ` 1,000 crore to various NGOs.
Non registered NGOs still collect donations from people.
Stemming from years of research and dialogues with NGOs around the world about their online challenges, OnGood is designed to address their pain points.
We believe that this focused NGO outreach from Enset will surely help it reach its target audience," said Siddharth Taliyan, Sr.
If the bill is implemented in a way that creates a more regressive environment, then this will have potentially catastrophic effects for the large amounts of the South Sudanese population that rely on NGOs to provide basic services and lifesaving aid," said the forum.
Internet users can use OnGood to search for NGOs by cause, geography, keyword and more.
In July 2013, the Ministry of Social Solidarity under then minister Ahmed El-Borai formed a committee which NGOs participated in to form a draft law.
He also urged the social ministry to act against NGOs who failed to honor their social obligations.
The proposed law would be an amendment in the existing law, said the director of the NGO Secretariat, Saman Dissanayake.
The WSIS shows that NGOs are much more determined and constituted by governance structures than they are able to create or use them.
However, a common characteristic of all NGOs is that they don't have the ambition to seize political power.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Assembly was assured Wednesday that the government would order a nationwide survey of NGOs to scrutinize their functioning and take action against the management of those involved in illegal activities.