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NGOs (non-government organizations)

political and other types of organisation (e.g. Oxfam, Greenpeace) that operate on governments and play an increasingly significant role in the wider governance in the contemporary world, especially internationally
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The authority has taken serious notice of the 'non-existence' of the NGOs and the managements, during the first phase, have been directed to appear along with executive body members and relevant record before the registration authority in Islamabad for briefing.
Ironically, Israel is behind most of the NGOs worldwide, but does not like the taste of its bitter medicine even though sugar coated to swallow easily.
Among these NGOs are Action Aid, BRAC, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Interactive Research and Development (IRD), World Vision, International Republican Institute (IRI), Plan International, George SorosA' Open Society Foundation, Plan International, Internews, Trocaire, Pathfinder International, Danish Refugee Council (DRC), Marie Stopes and Oxfam Novib.
They also complained that more than 30 NGOs were working in the district, but they hired outsiders, ignoring the local youth.
The chairman NAB directed the concerned officers of NAB to avoid hurdles in the smooth workings of NGO and INGOs in order to ascertain that whether NGOs are working in accordance with law or Not and there funds are audited and utilised transparently and on merit as per law.
NAB Chairman also asked the Economic Affairs Division ,Interior Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the precious plot that was given to an NGO, Pakistan Foreign Office Women's Association (PFOWA) in Islamabad by the CDA, but the NGO handed over it to a private school owner at a throw away price.
The Economy Ministry is tasked with monitoring the tax obligations of NGOs, with the National Bank asked to track their financial operations.
Due to the prevailing negative perception, it has been relatively easy for the government to take any unjustified action against the NGOs because the public generally remain aloof and indifferent.
A full 97 percent of NGOs surveyed said that leadership development is vital to their organization's success, but more than half believe they are not capable of recruiting, developing, and transitioning leaders, nor have they received funding to do so.
In order for NGOs to behave as platforms in a two-sided market, the decision of donors to donate must depend on the number of aid recipients.
The new law requests more procedures from NGOs, such as those related to their registration, paperwork, and starting capital, all of which are viewed by civil society workers as complication for the facility of their work and enables the interference of security agencies.
Discussion and conclusion: The NT government funding is insufficient to meet the capital and human resources of the mental health NGOs in the NT.