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see infrared astronomyinfrared astronomy,
study of celestial objects by means of the infrared radiation they emit, in the wavelength range from about 1 micrometer to about 1 millimeter. All objects, from trees and buildings on the earth to distant galaxies, emit infrared (IR) radiation.
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NICMOS and the ACS teamed up to capture the final stages in the grand assembly of galaxies.
In late 1998, NICMOS ran out of coolant before Schneider's team could track the motion of the object near TWA 6.
The scientifically interesting point is the important role NICMOS is playing.
Camera 3 is the only NICMOS detector that has a spectrograph, a device that divides light into its component wavelengths.
In addition to installing the NICMOS refrigerator itself, Rick and I will hang a 4-by-0.
NICMOS was inserted into Hubble's instrument bay during a servicing mission in 1997 and had a grand run for about two years.
collaborated on the designs of the instrument, known as NICMOS (near-infrared camera and multi-object spectrograph).
For each telescope,we built a specially designed camera around three NICMOS3 arrays, the same arrays as in the Hubble Space Telescope's near-infrared NICMOS camera.
The crew will also install a new solar-cell panel and restore the NICMOS infrared camera to operation by giving it a new cooling system.
had used Hubble's NICMOS camera to scrutinize TMR-1, an extremely young star (200,000 to 300,000 years old) in a dusty star-forming complex roughly 450 light-years away in Taurus.
The data from NICMOS confirmed what theory had predicted: the high-energy conditions close to the galactic center favor the formation of massive stars.
STIS observations of supermassive black holes - possibly the one-time sites of now-quiet quasars - were postponed in order to make the best use of HST's near-infrared camera, NICMOS, whose coolant evaporated prematurely in January.