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Gosh has pointed out in his address before the carnival that the collective wedding of the NISS was supervised by a higher committee which so far was able to organize ten event and that it would continue its work until a one thousands wedding for those affiliated have been organized.
The NISS says Jaafar is in "poor academic standing" at the university, where he followed a political agenda that included seeking a formal apology from the police for entering the campus.
The report also alleges that women have been subjected to sexual abuse while in NISS custody.
Newspaper editor Abuzar al-Amin was arrested last May and taken into NISS detention where he was interrogated about his writings and work, beaten and kicked, and given electric shocks to his body, the report says.
Environmental Protection Agency, during which time he was located in Research Triangle Park, NC, and interacted with several NISS projects.
We would file a constitutional suit against the NISS due to its actions against us and starting from next Saturday we would embark on [a public campaign] to sign the Charter of Freedoms to defend liberties in general and Al-Tayyar's case in particular," he said
NISS information Department has stressed that the measures taken were in line with the laws and regulations, saying NISS will respond soonest possible to the requests submitted by the Union calling for lifting the suspension on some newspapers.
This week, the NISS arrests three members of the Sudanese Communist Party from their homes in Khartoum.
She has been suffering from severe pneumonia due to the poor conditions of her detention while NISS officials refuse to authorize her transfer to a hospital where she has received treatment since almost a year," said the family in s statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Wednesday.
The move comes in the context of the NISS efforts to contain the opposition calls for protests against the rising prices and to prevent any coverage of the demonstrations.
During the day, NISS arrested Fadlallah Burma Nasser, deputy head of the National Umma Party (NUP), and Saleh Mahmoud, a member of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP), said the statement.