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At the end, the little girls grandfather is able to read the book by listening to it through an NLS audio book.
Our clients have given us feedback that this enhancement has been a way to counteract the extra work which TRID is costing them on each file," said Brad Likens, President of NLS.
The Orphan Drug Designation was granted by the European Commission to NLS for Mazindol within the same indication.
the concentration of NLS and the dry film thickness (DFT).
The NLS equation describing evolution along the tanks of the complex normalized envelope A([xi],[eta]) from the initial condition prescribed at the wavemaker located at [eta] = 0 has the following form:
Alongside the UK General Election, four NLS students canvassed for votes from their peers in a week-long election campaign.
NLS Security Ltd, which is accredited by the Master Locksmith Association, has traded in the North East for 34 years and provides a 24 hour call out service in Tyne and Wear.
According to officials of the state Securities Board, NLS was able to ramp up operations quickly by using insurance agents to sell its products.
Dupuy later raised an additional concern about his daily reimbursement rate for the use of his personal computer while working for El Paso and included El Paso on email correspondence he had with NLS on this issue.
In a recent report on the future of national libraries, Thriving or Surviving, (8) published by NLS in 2010, the NLS is viewed in the context of national libraries in 'Small Smart Countries'.
Isuzu Trucks, a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries (TYO: 7270), has launched its NLS 200 all wheel drive in Australia.
Therefore in order to understand the properties of the NLS equation, many numerical studies have been carried out [6,7,8,9]' In view of this it would also be very desirable to obtain approximate analytical results, which could reproduce the important features of the solutions.