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(hardware, standard)
A low-profile, low TCO motherboard design created jointly by Intel Corp., IBM, DEC and other PC vendors. In contrast to the traditional single-board design, NLX uses a riser card to carry PCI, ISA and AGP bus data (despite Intel's stated intent to rid PC motherboards of the ISA bus by 2000).

Version 1.2 of NLX is the final specification, and was frozen in March 1997. Minor modifications appear in the form of "Engineering Change Requests".


["NLX Motherboard Specification", various, pub. Intel Corp. 1997]
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1%, with the exception of NLX strain, which resulted in significantly reduced enzyme activity after exposure to SDS at 0.
Orc Group, the global leader in derivatives trading technology, today announced it provides connectivity to NASDAQ OMX NLX (NLX), the London based derivatives market for trading a range of both short-term interest rate (STIRs) and long-term interest rate (LTIRs) euro- and sterling-denominated listed derivatives products.
NLX is a new market where participants can trade a comprehensive suite of UK and European listed interest rate derivatives products.
In addition to Mellanox's InfiniBand interconnect solutions, Nasdaq OMX NLX will use Mellanox's VMA messaging accelerator to cut 60% to 70% the server-to-server latency and eliminate jitter.
The Equinix Slough data center campus places NLX next to more than 170 interconnected financial services clients, comprising a major proportion of prospective trading participants.
NASDAQ: EQIX) has been selected by NASDAQ OMX NLX to host the new market from Equinix's London, Slough LD4/LD5 International Business Exchange data centre campus.
The NLX partners are looking forward to continuing their work with the Obama Administration and the U.
NLX will integrate the STVTS device--a periscope trainer--with the SMMTT over a "high-level architecture interface," according Bob Wuestner, NLX's vice president for business development.
It's available in standard backplane and connector configurations including ATX, NLX, D subs, USB port, IEEE 1394, SCSI, and RJ-45 as well as rectangular strips for static perimeter gasketing applications and custom die-cut designs.
Under Navy guidelines, qualification to compete as prime contractor on this TSC Lot 1 was granted to two of the larger companies competing, Lockheed Martin Information Systems (Orlando, FL) and Boeing, as well as three smaller businesses: NLX Corp.
In addition, the desktop line, which previously comprised the XD and the XM, the latter being the minitower version, has been augmented with the smaller footprint, NLX form factor versions, MD and CP.
Even though APAMO's membership is not extensive, it has representation in four of the six NLX policy committees and APAMO members eagerly volunteer for special committees and work groups.