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At NMU, Wong cultivated a reputation for reaching out to students, holding small-group meetings at residence halls and other venues so they could vent, and he's planning a similar strategy at SFSU.
With this rollout NMU becomes the first university in the U.
Positive accounts of the party's racial record in a variety of industrial settings include Linda Nyden, "Black Miners in Western Pennsylvania, 1925-1931: The NMU and the UMWA," Science and Society, 61 (Spring 1977), 69-101; August Meier and Elliott Rudwick, Black Detroit and the Rise of the UA W(Oxford 1979), 30; Nelson, Workers on the Waterfront, 84-6; Rosemary Feurer, "The Nutpickers Union, 1933-34"; Halpern, Down on the Killing Floor, 108-12; Kelley, Hammer and Hoe, 60-63.
The United States Olympic Education Center at NMU also utilizes ThinkPad notebooks to help train student athletes.
Administration of a subcarcinogenic dose of NMU to animals exposed prenatally to BPA increased the percentage of hyperplastic ducts and induced the development of neoplastic lesions.
The refund, including interest, will vary among customers on both the former PNG and NMU systems.
A transcultural nursing elective course is available, and all NMU undergraduates are required to take a four-credit liberal studies elective with world culture content in order to meet graduation requirements (1).
In the fall of 1931, a time when the coalfields of Appalachia were being viewed "as a new theater of class warfare" that "engaged the radical imagination and the newspapers," (39) a group of prominent writers including Theodore Dreiser and John Dos Passos travelled to Kentucky as the national Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners (NCDPP) to publicize the plight of striking NMU miners through public hearings.
With one of the most advanced IT departments in the country and standard-issue IBM ThinkPad notebook computers for every student, NMU relies on its wireless LAN to deliver e-learning applications in lecture halls, classrooms and other campus facilities that do not have Ethernet wiring to the desk.
Coming from a leftist background, Longhi was a strong union supporter, although his membership in the NMU was tempered by the realization of the potentially deadly consequences: "I was proud to hold the card, but it felt like a living thing in my hand -- a dangerous living thing.
Groups of rats received control diet; control diet with 15% carrageenan; 15% carrageenan plus 10 injections of AOM given weekly; carrageenan plus NMU; NMU alone; and AOM alone.
Preclinical Data From NMU Rat Model of Mammary Carcinoma