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(tool, messaging)
A terminal based program for reading Usenet news by Kim F. Storm <storm@texas.dk>, Texas Instruments A/S, Denmark.

nn lets you decide which of the many news groups you are interested in, and unsubscribe to those which don't interest you. nn lets you select articles to read from a menu in each of the groups you subscribe. nn sorts and presents new articles very quickly because it uses its own local database to maintain all the necessary information (this database is built and maintained by the nnmaster program).

The NNTP support was designed and implemented by Ren'e Seindal, Institute of Datalogy, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

E-mail: <nn-bugs@dkuug.dk> (bugs, fixes, suggestions, etc.)

Usenet newgroup: news:news.software.nn.
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(1) See neural network.

(2) (nn) (NetNews) A newsreader for Usenet newsgroups that maintains a database of article headers for keeping track of subjects. The nn reader was developed in Denmark. See Usenet.
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