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NO2 has been linked to asthma symptoms and a higher risk to respiratory problems and heart disease.
In a similar study at Dar-es-Salaam City, Tanzania, elevated level of NO2, CO and suspended particulate matter were reported at residential areas in the morning and evening time due to increased traffic flow and substantial domestic heating, where activities pattern and emission from mobile sources confirmed the elevated level of air pollutants at residential area(Jackson, 2009).
The main reason behind the presence of NO2 in urban areas is thanks to the emission of smog from coal-burning plants and diesel engines, which Volkswagen recently got into a heap of trouble for disguising in its TDI lineup around the world.
Active NO2 monitors were used for evaluation of the NO2 samplers' performance and their calibration.
The least minimum vale of NO2 in Islamabad was found in the residential area embassy road (11.
It's not just NO2 polluting the environment around airports' our study reveals high ozone concentrations at some sites too.
This unique approach allows much lower levels of platinum to be used, reducing cost and NO2 formation.
According to the EPA-PAK Ambient Air Quality Standards the permissible limit of NO2 and PM2.
For a tube of known length and internal diameter with an efficient absorber at one end, the NO2 sampling rate may be calculated using Flick's Law of the unidirectional flow of gas through a mixture of gases under constant.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Martyr Chamran University of Ahvaz, in association with researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden, increased the sensitivity of graphene and improved the properties of this sensor towards NO2 by creating controlled disorders through gallium ion bombardment.
Against the standard limit of 60 micrograms per cubic metre, the NO2 levels had started to touch 100 micrograms per cubic metre mark.